When was the last time you watched such a smooth, feisty and all-that politician like Sarah Palin during her acceptance speech Wednesday night?  She showed she is in control.  She showed wit.  She showed a tough side.  She showed a motherly, compassionate side.  And she showed Joe Biden is in a heap of trouble when they debate. 

For all the media punching she's taken since Friday, I have to say she slapped it back, way back in her speech tonight.  The kids were cute. Little Piper licking her hand to smooth her baby brother's hair was priceless and clearly unrehearsed.  You don't just inherit compassion for a younger sibling like Piper was displaying tonight.  You learn much, if not all of it, from your mom and dad.

It's a new race for the presidency as of about 20 minutes ago.  All the joking about how qualified Sarah Palin is to serve in office probably will continue, but I think she put some people on notice tonight.  Sarah Palin don't play that.  And that's what makes her a worthy opponent, and that's how Sarah Palin delivered tonight.

  1. Ragan Revolution

    Every one expected her to nail it … and yet she exceeded expectations. Funny, smart, intense, graceful, poignant, and tough. I couldn’t have been prouder for her and what she’s doing.

  2. Elliott

    oh, hells yeah…

  3. mybayouvieux

    Ya know, at first I thought the whole Levi boyfriend being there holding Bristol’s hand and then on stage was a little weird but then it just occured to me that it is Sarah’s way of rebelling. She is also rebelling by letting the media know right away about it and squashing the rumors before they ran rabid. By throwing her life in our face as it REALLY is was her way of saying, “Go on say what you want. It will do nothing to me.” Not trying to hide the situation with her daughter shows that she is true to herself.
    I’ve said it before, “Raise your hand if you could have been pregnant or gotten someone pregnant at age 17.”
    See. Enough said.
    I like her. I admit that I like that she is a woman running for such a high position. I love that she is a woman with 5 kids including a baby. I like that she is young and pretty. Althought the pretty means nothing I like it because I am tired of looking at old men on TV talking politics. He He!
    Sean Hannity just had a great point. They point at Sarah’s hubby getting a DUI 22 years ago. However, no one is pointing at Obama and his admitted drug use 20 some years ago.
    Anyway, she did knock it out of the park tonight. Funny diggs on Obama.

  4. Wendy Fitton

    Well, I’ve been weighing out the 2 parties, not sure who I would be voting for… until this week – Sarah Palin is great and she has swayed me to the McCain ticket. I like her gusto!

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