If you will recall, I commented over on DMag's Frontburner about American Airlines about them charging a military soldier on his way over seas for a third bag.  Their PR guy was defending their policies and decisions and arguing for the establishment.  I told him,

  • Daddy Claxton

    man, that’s all great, but get on offense and quit being so defensive.
    The facts are facts, but this is an emotional issue here and a volatile
    one. Show some super human care. Show you’re one of the gang who’d
    climb back there with them in coach. Quit citing the rules and instead
    show some compassion. These guys and gals are headed off to fight a war
    where there will be guns, wounds and dying. It’s not worth harping
    about a third bag of luggage when they’re going off to do that and
    we’re not. It’s just not.

Well, just a few minutes ago, they proved they're listening.  To someone…..

American Airlines to waive 3rd bag fee for members of the military  2:38 PM CT

02:49 PM CDT on Wednesday, August 13, 2008

By SUZANNE MARTA / The Dallas Morning News


American Airlines Inc.
said Wednesday that it would waive charges for a third bag checked by
members of the military on active duty.

The move comes
after several days of negative attention following news reports about a
soldier who was charged $100 for his extra bag.

Thank goodness someone over there is listening.  I'd also throw in a free trip for  that one soldier's wife/significant other/or whatever to meet him over in Hawaii or something.  Just 'cos you were so callous. Super Human Care, remember?

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