Kari and I have been talking the past 24 hours about some oddities that are happening here in the house that we simply cannot explain.  I mean strange things.

For instance: About 2 months ago one of our small pizza cutters disappeared.  We thought one of the kids had left it in a box and thrown out the box.  So, we bought a bigger cutter and have been using it.  Well, the big one is gone now.  The old one is back.  We've been all through the kitchen no sign of the new one.

About two months ago we'd bought the new Nikon D-40 and about two weeks into owning it, the battery died.  I even took it by Wolfe Camera in Dallas and it wasn't working for them either.  So, I bought a new one.  Well, Tuesday, the new one did like the first.  Just up and quit working.  I even wrote the person who we bought the first one from and they said send it back.  Well, shortly thereafter, I jiggled the new battery.  Guess what.  It began charging.  Then after it did for the heck of it, I put the old one on the charger.  Guess what.  It began charging.  I now have two batteries that at one time this week didn't work at all that now are fully charged.

About the same time the battery deal happened, the studio flashes I bought to take pictures with ran into an issue.  As a matter of fact, the studio light setting on one of them just quit working all together.  I even took that by Wolfe Camera in Dallas and they said to send back to the manufacture.  Well, guess what.  I plugged it in the other day, it now works.

We've made note in this space over the past month and a half about the lights out in front of the house tied to the Santa Sleigh and the Santa's Workshop we built.  They've no doubt run up our power bill for next month.  So, I go outside the other day and see that the extension cord to the ice cycle lights on the Workshop is disconnected.  The lights have been connected to a three-way grounded outlet, meaning, the 3-way plug has three prongs to it.  The extension cord running to the Workshop, which has been connected to the house, I think, for more than a month now, only had 2 prongs yesterday.  The cord had been changed or it's end plug.  I simply cannot explain what happened. 

I'm perplexed.  I think Kari was telling me of another weird deal the other night, but at the moment, I cannot remember it.

We're seriously beginning to think we've got a prankster of a ghost in the house.  Nothing else at the present explains the weirdness so fittingly.

My ex used to swear there was a ghost named Ben at her old house in McRae, GA.  I used to and still roll my eyes to the thought, but this is strange. 

UPDATE: I made this post.  Tweeted it.  And then, our Internet connectivity in the house went buggy.  We called AT&T and they said all was fine.  But it was happening on my laptop and Kari's.  Now it works fine. 

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