Being a divorced Dad

I don't know how some dads do it.  Especially with custody laws as they are in some states.  In my case, I have my girls seven out of every 14 days.  Those seven days when they are gone to me are very hard.  I miss out on their stories.  I miss out on what they've learned; good or bad.  It's hard.  I don't know what it would be like to only see your kids every couple of weeks, or every other weekend.  I think that would kill me.

When my younger brother went through his divorce, my mom reminded him that his kids would be 18 a lot longer than they'd be younger than 18.  Maybe so, but these are such important years, and his ex is an ex for good reason. 

I saw my girls today as we were picking up one of our boys at school.  It's so hard and mentally confusing to see them in another car, headed off and away for a few more days.  It's just a horrible feeling.

I miss you girls.  And I truly love my boys.  I wish we weren't going in so many directions all of the time and we could do more together–all nine of us.  Where does the time go?  I love you kids.  I love you.  Dad.

  1. ilinap

    Aw, this is so touching. I actually lived with my dad after my parents divorced 30 years ago, a rarity back then as it is now. Even so, I can’t imagine my dad uttering such sweet words to me. Your girls (and boys) are awfully lucky to have you.

  2. designsbybari

    As a parent I now see how unfair the custody laws were for my dad when I was 7 and my parents divorced. I can’t imagine how hard it was for him to only see us every Wednesday and every other weekend. Unfair to the kids and to the dads. I am glad that some families really “get it” now and work out visitation that is in the best interest of the kids rather than their egos.

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