Being PRed by Edwards

Of course, I guess the thing that most reporters are not thinking about is how they're being manipulated on the Edwards Rielle Hunter story to begin with.  For one, he sat for an interview on this on Friday so it's a Saturday story.  A hot, August day story where the kids either have just returned to school or will be soon, so a good many people aren't paying as close attention today as they would be were this had dropped Monday a.m….

Gotta love it. 

  1. Judy

    If John Edwards 2008 is to be scorned and eliminated from running for office then John McCain’s affair with Cindy while he was married to Carol needs to be brought out and he too should face the same Media coverage and scorn as Edwards is facing. We don’t want an adulterer as a President and First Lady….without the facts being broadcast first. Google John’s admittance of cheating on Carol. Small wonder that he does not say a word….

  2. Daddy Claxton

    Yeah, but your response totally misses the point of the post. Releasing this information on a Friday was perfect timing for the Edwards fokes, and if you believe it was just a coincidence, maybe it was, but it likely was not.
    The McCain issue, while it may need additional vetting, wasn’t spurred on by an ongoing National Enquirer story where Edwards denied and now proven, lied, about the questions they were asking him.
    In addition, there is a child involved in this love triangle. Whose is it? If it’s Edwards, that is one thing. If it is the other campaign worker’s, also married, it’s another, still. Either way, both situations lead to additional questions.
    This whole situation produces an interesting mess for the Obama camp, as now they’re going to have a Bill and HIllary night at the convention, which will raise all the questions about Lewinski all over again, given the dynamics the Edwards story takes. Edwards and now Obama’s camps will be working through the weekend to make this just that, a weekend story, capped by things tomorrow on Meet the Press and Face the Nation, and then Obama will need to come forth with his Veep nominee or some other fantastic deal to kill this off for Monday, or else this takes on a whole nother level of problems for Obama. And that was my point. You can think this wasn’t planned for a Friday night (when most people will be watching the Olympics on NBC) and in the Saturday papers (the lowest readership day of the week) but the odds are against that no matter what anyone might say.

  3. Daniel

    What’s wrong with nocking someone up every now and then? There are many people in this society that don’t have kids at all. Why is it so wrong to criticize John Edwards? Many kids are born illegitimately, but yet we choose to ignore this simple fact. We try to cover it up, by popping the marraige question as a result of the pregnancy. What ever happend to the good old prehistoric times when you simply have sex with whomever you wanted, and left the women to fend for themselves?

  4. Maxipeg

    He told his wife. The only person who really needs to know. It’s tough for both of them. Maybe he can talk about marriage because he did what he did. That should be the conclusion.
    Those who think they know better are either naive or hypocrits. They make me sick. Read “Danton’s Death” and you will understand. IF you can (under)stand it.
    @ Daniel: “born illegitimately” makes me sick too. Who are you to use these words?
    @ Daddy Claxton: Talking about timing with the olympics: the conflict between Russia and Georgia is the REAL scandal. Thousands of deaths. Do you read the REAL news?

  5. Jake of

    Hah hi there I’m a dad too (currently half a house husband) and I just posted about the Edwards thing too! Cool blog – I’ll visit again.

  6. playjojo

    Politicians are just inherently stupid. Do they think (or don’t) that once in office, they won’t be found out? Ater all the scurintany they go through, and see the wolves at other politicians doors seeking the least little thing, they still take the chance.
    That says a lot for the wives, and the marriage, if their willing to take that risk.
    Daniel, you’re a sad little man, with NO concept of the problems we’re facing today with overpopulation. You obviously have a severe anger issue with women, and I can only pray that you’re gay. I would not wish you on any woman, as she would have to be totaly insecure, and submisive.

  7. Flag

    Don’t worry about the cheating boy. You now need to look into his Gay Affairs. I know one when I see one.

  8. Paul

    As the old saying goes, charity starts at home. But what else starts at home? Trust? Honesty? Reliability? If John Edwards felt no obligation to be truthful with his wife, how could we possibly expect him to be truthful with the American people? His wife gave him a family, children, a home–all the American people could ever give him is a job. There are plenty of good, honest, hard-working men and women out there who know that trustworthiness starts and ends at home. We need to shun hypocrites like John Edwards and support smart and trust-worthy men and women running for public office, wherever they are.

  9. philly

    Come on! This story is going to fade. The republicans don’t want to sensationalize this. If the media abuses it….they will come off looking like tabloid. John Edwards is a good guy who did a bad thing. He’s not a pervert….
    John Edwards has a great family who just don’t deserve this being used to influence the election.
    WHAT….does John Edwards have to do with Barack Obama?
    What shocked us 20 years ago today are exposed more often…the shock has worn off.
    As for the Republicans…they will want this to go away quickly. John McCain is a known cheater
    ……they don’t want to pick that scab.
    hey, has anyone seen Vicki Eisman ? Funny how NO ONE went after that one, wouldn’t want that to resurface, would we?
    As for affairs ending political careers…I don’t see how…Henry Hyde, Newt Gingrich…..
    many more…have all survived.
    I don’t know what has happened to the media in this just gets ..more and more…sensational and repetative and …it’s sad.

  10. philly

    Dear Paul,
    You just eliminated your guy.
    Righteous !!!!

  11. Doc

    Republicans would be unwise to try to exploit it. After all McCain was cheating on his first wife (+3 kids) when he was carrying on an affair with Cindy (and future wife #2).

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