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During lunch today, my colleagues and I sat in on a teleconference about "Beyond Twitter PR: Advanced Techniques for Creating Powerful Social Media Strategies."  It was offered through PR University and I have to admit, we did learn some new things about this growing field of operations.  I will note to you, too, that a couple of the panel guests who were talking about Twitter, haven't updated in a few days and might need a nudge or two.  Heck, I even began following them during the call and I haven't heard back from them.

It has definitely been exciting to get to know so many new people this week and to be able to "Step in and step out of conversations" as one of today's consultants talked about.  Another described micro-blogging as and "online 24-hour focus group," which as you know from following @daddyclaxton is what I've written about it previously this week.

Yesterday I also put out an email to several of my traditional MSM educational writer friends asking them for a comment about how they see new social media being applied to public education and higher ed as well.  Seems to me that instead of investing in high dollar calling systems, for free, they could set up and advertise a Twitter account or a Twitter group and accomplish much of the same thing.

I've heard back from one of my friends, who said, he's just getting his feet wet with the medium, though fascinated by Twitter and its possibilities (bad and good).   He encouraged me to check back in a few months.

But this is where the power of such a medium really comes home to, pardon the pun, nest.  In a couple of months, yes, Twitter will be more established.  But that's literally an eternity in regard to something like Twitter. 

My followers now are up to more than 220 people.  In just a week's time I've established a great community made up of moms and dads who are passionate about being a parent.  The power we have now to communicate with each other is tremendous.  In the past 24 hours alone, five new writers have asked to join the ranks here at The Dads Center, three of them moms.  That's tremendous and something I could only dream about in 2004 when I started this venture.

I'm excited about how new ideas and conversations are taking place here every day now.  And this is just the beginning.  In the coming week, I plan to add BlogTalkRadio to The Dads Center.  Any of you out there want to be guests to talk about being a mom or a dad?   I'm taking topic ideas and looking forward to having discussions on air about what's important to you. 

We can all strive to become better parents and we all have new tools in our hands every day to do that. Being a dad is my truest of passions. Using tools like emerging social media can only help to make me and thousands of others better.  And that's what truly lies beyond Twitter.   

Daddy Claxton

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