UPDATED POST: (Come comments that follow may seem different, as I amended this post as the day progressed)  I cannot believe the McCain campaign was letting this link to continue to remain for as long as they did. No, now it seems they weren't a part of this prank, but nonetheless, it appears more could have been done.

Since it wasn't them linking to that page, they could have at least put up something that said, "this is bogus and whoever you are, it should stop."   

If you clicked on www.votefortheMILF.com, it took you to a special video of Sarah Palin asking for you to support the McCain/Palin ticket.  Now it takes you to a Wikipedia page that tells about DNS settings. 

If you don't know what a MILF is, you'll have to look that one up yourself.

And Twitter, too, should feel a little wrath here. Not just from the Obama fokes because they'll want equal time, but is this something that really should be getting special promotion?  Sure there is demand, but I had the impression we were striving to keep Twitter on the clean side of things, and not out there helping promote the thought of curling up with the VP candidate on a cold Alaskan night under a moose rug. 

Congress is in the mood to regulate most anything.  Do we want them to start messing with the Net because of crap like this?

  1. Michael

    Why does everyone assume that since the site redirects to McCain’s site it must therefore belong to him? Has no one on Twitter ever heard of a redirect?
    Lookup the Whois info and what do you see? Private registration and hosted on different DNS than McCain’s site. I don’t see much of a connection, if any. Probably belongs to some goofy college kids.
    Maybe I should make osama4obama.com and redirect it to Obama’s site. Then we would have proof of his terrorist connections, right? LOL

  2. Heather Cook

    I don’t get it… how was the McCain campaign promoting it if they weren’t the ones doing it?

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