The charges against Fort Worth Star columnist  Dave Lieber have been dropped.  Essentially because they shouldn't have been pressed to begin with.  This is an example of what happens when PC busy bodies get into how to raise someone else's kids when they ought to be focusing on their own; most likely who were actually terrorizing kids on the indoor playground.

Last weekend, Lieber and his 11-yo kid went for breakfast to their local McDonald's.  The kid got out of order.  Dad told him to cool it.  The kid didn't.  So the dad said, "Fine.  Walk home."  And left.  When he got back, someone had called the fuzz and they filed charges for child abandonment. 



"We looked at everything the police brought to us and looked at the
elements of the offense," said Betty Arvin, deputy chief of the
criminal division for the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office.
"And we just didn't feel it reached that level. So we choose not to
file charges."  Chalk one up for the Tarrant County DA's office.  Can you imagine having brought this into a court room?  I can imagine a good-hearted judge first chastising the officers who filed the offense and then the DA staff.  After that, the judge leans forward and says to Dave, "Sir, my chambers are right through that door, and sitting on my desk is a paddle.  You have five minutes to go and use it appropriately.  Oh, and when you're done and leave, I'll see the DA next."

Spar the rod, spoil the child.  Spar the rod, spoil the child.  Do you hear me?

  1. Heather

    Being a parent is never easy, and sometimes you have to drastic measures.

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