CNN over the line

CNN just invalidated a day's work to build credibility.  They've done a good job on Gustav.  The convention?  Well, they just had a love-fest with Donna Brazille (Gore campaign), Wolfe "howizter sounding guy" and Bill Bennett about how commendable it was to have Barack Obama say families are "off limits." 

Then they tossed to this Kara wench in Alaska who'd been sent up there to investigate the allegations involving Sarah Palin's ex-brother in-law, etc.  So Wolfe tosses to her, and she begins to talk about Bristol Palin's pregnancy–17 yo and going to have the baby–brings up all the details of the unsubstantiated allegations on the Net, including that Palin lied about having her Down Syndrome son in April so that she could cover up her daughter's pregnancy and hide it from her constituency. 

Then she began talking about how a political action group has been saying that abstinence doesn't work, etc. 

Before that, the wench called the investigation into the brother-in-law, "Troopergate."  That's just plain editorializing.  Did she attribute the name of it to someone, like a common coloquialism?  No.  She called it that as if she'd named it. 

UPDATE: I'm told that this is what everyone in Alaska is calling it.  Maybe so, but the rest of the country doesn't know that, and when your signal is being broadcast to more than just the Alaskan capital, it should be explained a lot better. 

This is one of the worst examples of journalism I've seen by anyone in a long time. Worse even than some of the stuff KDFW's former reporter Rebecca Agular would have pulled.

This was terrible reporting.  Terrible editorializing from CNN, and when they came back to the panel, it looked like Bill Bennett would just get up and walk off.  He should have.  He made his point, too, about what crap kind of "journalism" CNN was pulling, but he should also have just gotten up and walked off the set.  Shame on you CNN.  Shame on you Kara whatever your name is.  You need to go to ethics class yourself.  You did a horrible job of being a non-biased reporter and it showed how your bosses condoned it because no one said a word about how bad your stunt was except the lone GOP/conservative on the set.  Biased, biased, biased. 

  1. John Thomas

    Troopergate is what people up in Alaska are calling it… everyone it seems needs to do fact checking before jumping to conclusions.

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