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As many of you know, I've done a little experimenting with other topics of interest lately here in this space.  And I've done some non dad-centric commenting on Twitter.  As you know, I spent 6 years of my life working for the Dallas School District and when it got into what's grown into an $84 million mess where they were and are firing innocent, hard-working people, I understandably got a little miffed.  After all, it was nearly three years ago now when I told the man in charge down there that the people he was bringing in didn't have a clue and three years later, I'm definitely now saying, "I told you so."Dadslogo

But four years ago I launched this Web site for the purpose of being a resource for dads.  That mission remains the same today as it did four years ago.  Of course, I've attracted the attention of many moms, too, and I think that is exciting, because we can't be good dads without the help, love and assistance of good moms.  So while some moms might be hesitant to join in on the discussions because of that, I think the more they comment and even guest blog, the better off we all are. 

So I'm going to make a new credo here.  We're going to get back to a dads-focus here on The Dads Center.  I'm going to begin spending a chapter of time each day looking at the comments of other dads through resources such as and providing commentary and links to those things said. 

And I'm going to continue to reach out to new dads and moms and encourage them to join us here in this space.

Just as importantly for my kids, I'm going to begin writing more about what we're dealing with as a family with seven kids.  This is not the perfect life we live.  There is a lot of stress in our environment and at times, it's almost stifling.  I'm going to candy-coat things as little as possible and just put it out there.  When I make a mistake, I challenge you to tell me that I made one and make recommendations about how to do something better the next time.  And in the process, we can all continue to learn and grow stronger together. 

I'm also going to focus largely in the next few weeks of establishing my GrowingUpMac organiDad_n_ashsmzation for the benefit of my own seven kids, and the hundreds and thousands who can/will benefit from what we do with this important, life-changing project.  We're asking for your help in this endeavor as well.  We need sponsorships, we need commercial appeal, we need critical mass associated with promoting and using this tool to help kids beyond the seven who reside in our house. 

Such is my commitment and promise to each and every one of you.  I know we can make the world a little more special place than it is right now.  We have such great power individually, but combined, we can change the world. 

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