I'm a walking Mac commercial.  iPod.  iPhone.  Mac Book Pro.  My wife has a Mac Book.  iPhone.  iPod Nano.  Heck, I even have an Apple sticker on my car–above the Auburn University logo.  That ought to tell you something. Warr Eagle.

So at 921 pm CST on July 10, 2008, I'm still trying to get the updated software for my regular old, soon-to-be old hat iPhone and when I try to update the software, it still updates to 1.1.4.  The App Store is already up and I know friends who went ahead on the Macrumors.com site today and downloaded 2.0.  But I'm trying to play by the rules and wait for the official release.  Which now I'm assuming won't come until the morning, when this positing will become meaningless.

But I think this is one of those times again where Apple has, as they used to say failed to "dance with the one who brung you."  Remember, Steve, there are several million of us out here tonight who already own an iPhone.  We paid the higher prices for them.  We've been using them, showing them off to our friends and family, and encouraging perfect strangers in airports to go get one as soon as they can get to an Apple Store or to an AT&T location.  We are the ones who have been taking the abuse from the IT people at work who point out that the phone, until tomorrow, doesn't/didn't work with Microsoft Exchange, doens't have stereo headphone capabilities, doesn't do Flash, and can't copy and paste, and requires an adapter to use headphones. 

Sure, you'll fix some of that in the morning, but for many months, we've been the one holding your dance card.  And loyal we've been. 

And yet, tonight, when we could have gotten a head start on all those people who will spend the night in lines, etc, waiting to get the new phone, you could have opened up The Cloud and let it rain down Web Apps that we could actually put on our soon-to-be rinky-dink, old hat iPhones. 

That's all I have to say about it, Steve.  Remember those of us who brung you.  We've helped you come a long way…..

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