Here, since this is obviously something a reasonable person could never have anticipated, I'll offer a little help for the Auburn Sports Information Department and who ever is behind these letters from Pat Dye and Jay Jacobs.

To turn this Titanic-ship-of-state around, if I were you, here's what I'd do to help the Gene Chizik situation:

1)  Quit sending me letters from Auburn people trying to convince me this is okay.  I don't want a letter from Bo, Stan White, Jason Campbell, posthumous Nostradamus-style letters from Coaches Shugg or Jordan, and you're sure not getting one from Sir Charles.

2) Get Chizik out to EVERY Auburn Club, Lions Club, Chamber luncheon, etc. you can between the state lines and get him out there fast.  If he's not out doing this, he needs to be doing #3.

3) Get him busy recruiting.  Has anyone told him we need an offense?  We need to land the #1 recruits in QB, running backs, receivers, and a Center.  When you get a kid hooked, he needs to stay hooked.  By National Signing Day, you need to have one of the Top Five recruit classes in the country. Anything less is going to breed more contempt for whatever you want to call this.

4)  We'd better win the A-Day game this year.  I mean that in some of the same ways Saban won his first A-Day game.  It needs to be high energy, high offensive scoring, high enthusiasm, and it needs to be cathartic for the Auburn Family.  You need to show that Auburn is going to have a better record in 2009-10 and fast. 

5) I'd spend a few hundred thousand dollars on some TV spots to run on cable-TV buys (they're not expensive) and I'd buy some big time in MGM, BHM, and MOB.  And I'd run a special one or two over in T-Town just to rattle the cage a little bit.  If you show you've got the guts to do that, you'd better be ready to back it up with points 2-4.  And don't run some low-key spot like two guys passing in an airport saying War Eagle.  You want energy, enthusiasm and something that's going to restore hope in the Auburn family. (UPDATE: And before you run them, get together some pissed off Auburn Family members and see how they fly.  You shouldn't have a hard time finding a focus group of such recruits.)

(UPDATE 2:  And do something with the name Chizik. You know Bama's creatives are at it.  We need to beat them to the punch.  REMEMBER, you need to come off some money. MILLIONS are at stake here.  Spend a lot to save even more.)

I've got 20 years in PR and have dealt with my share of messes before, but you guys had better get busy making 1-5 happen or this is only going to get worse.  And you don't have time for mistakes and the lingering sting that Auburn fokes already have.  If you need some help, you know how to find me. 

Warr D. Eagle.

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