Bravo to the dad who strangled a nude attacker who broke into his house this past weekend in Indy to rape his 17-year-old daughter. 

The incident began when David Meyers, 52, climbed through a
17-year-old girl's bedroom window before dawn Sunday, naked and
carrying rope, condoms and a knife, police said. It ended with his
death before police arrived.

Robert McNally, 64, the girl's father, struggled with Meyers and
wrapped his arm around Meyers' neck. McNally is unlikely to face
charges because he apparently used reasonable force to protect his
daughter and himself, said Matthew Symons, spokesman for the Marion
County prosecutor.

I hope there isn't going to be any of that wacko liberal crap about the father shouldn't have done this and instead of just restrained the guy until the cops could get there and they could retry him in the courts only to be let out again in a few years because of overcrowding and his good behavior had earned him extra time off his sentence so he could get back out again in five years and do this all over again. 

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  1. Shannan P

    WOW! Sounds like the guy got what he deserved. I truly hope out justice system isn’t so flawed that he does get charged. So glad the father was able to get the better of the guy!

  2. Rob Sellen

    I would have done the same for sure.
    Inside your house you should be allowed to react however in the face of an intruder, a naked one even more so.
    I would have beaten the guy to death, and will admit that here.
    I would have to live with that though.
    It’s someting this man now has to live with, knowing he killed someone.
    What is wrong with facing consequences for these attackers?
    If you BREAK into a house and actually intend to harm someone, you should be prepared to be killed if getting caught in the act.
    It seems the criminals get more rights than law abiders, and it’s like that here in the UK.
    Stupid and very dangerous.

  3. Greg Willis

    Absolutely would have tortured that guy but the rage would probably just end up killing him quickly. You know what’s so disturbing? The liberals out there who believe the intruder is the real victim here. We didn’t understand him, society forgot about him or neglected him. BULL$HIT! This country is being destroyed by liberals.

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