What do we need to buy by the truck load at our house?

1)  AA batteries.

2) Milk

3) Excedrin Migraine

What about at you abode? 

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    @daddyclaxton Don't forget the TP! And no one will tell you the roll is empty until you're screaming from the bathroom "Spare a Square!"




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    @daddyclaxton Marshmallows and socks. Oh, and band-aids!




      reply to sugarjones

    @daddyclaxton I have two kids only, and its challenging…. I would have to add the REMOTE  🙂


















Daryl Mather    

    @daddyclaxton Hard to keep in a house with 7 kids? Sanity…




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        Kim Aliczi    

    @daddyclaxton only 3 kids, but i would add ketchup.  my kids consider it a vegetable.




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    @daddyclaxton Hardest things to keep in my house with 3 kids: milk, clean bathrooms, made beds, even temper, sense of humor…




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        Renee Crabtree    

    @daddyclaxton cold medicine, diapers, juice, empty laundry baskets.



  1. Laura

    Anything first aid 🙂

  2. Amanda

    We have 7 kids, also, so I feel your pain. Here’s our list:
    1) TP – seriously, I think they sit in the bathroom chewing on the roll while “waiting”
    2) Milk and Bread – it’s a given
    3) Batteries – *especially* those pesky 9V (how many tongue burns have you given yourself testing one of those suckers out?)
    4) Xanax – gots to go for something a wee bit stronger!

  3. Alaina

    School uniforms cannot stay stain-free in our home! We need about five more pants, shorts, belts and shirts!

  4. Paul Sullivan

    Definitely ice cream!

  5. Michelle

    I have 5 kids, so I agree with you on the batteries and milk. Once they do their own laundry, they come and take all your socks because theirs are all dirty. Also, any kind of health/diet food you buy for yourself, they suck that down. Funny enough, my only 2 kids still at home are teenage boys. They take my brush, moisturizer, facial soap… Oh yeah, and I have to search all the time for the cordless phones.

  6. Albert Maruggi

    TV remotes – you might think I’m crazy but my kids beat the hell out of these things.
    and I agree with AA batteries, Why? because they all take the doors that hold the batteries in the “whatever” and that means they end up on the floor, not in sets of two mind you, that would be too convenient, Agh!

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