I got up a little early this morning and had time to go for a lap swim in the backyard.  Well, I came in and proudly announced to Kari and the boys that "I'd beaten Michael Phelps this morning."  And I did.  Ten races out of 10.  I guess he was having a bad day because he just couldn't keep up.  My flip turns were superb, my crawl was in the best of form, my breast strokes were smooth, my side stroke unbeatable, and my back stroke?  Well, that was my final, record-setting medal clincher.  🙂 And by golly, I nearly punched a hole in that Omega timer in our steps….

Of course when I came in and announced that I'd bested Phelps, I would have paid money to have had a video of the facial expressions from Kari and the boys.  One asked, "Isn't that the Olympic swimmer?"  After confirming to him that it was, I guess he was wondering how Michael Phelps got into our backyard, but nonetheless, they were all laughing/smiling at dad. 

Isn't it worth taking the time, particularly with your kids to throw them off base a little every now and then?  I really hadn't thought of the Phelps concept until I walked into the Family Room from the pool, but it was fun at the thought of feeling like a kid again, like the summer of 1976 when I wanted to be Dwight Stone and do the high jump. 

Good times.  The kids all are off to school now.  One more errand or two for Kari and I can head in to work.

Head to work feeling like a champion. 

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