So it looks like the Obama running mate announcement, defying conventional PR wisdom, will be Saturday. Will it get less press?  Doubt it.  Will the Olympics be competing with it?  Probably, but NBC will be doing little breaks in between.  The other networks will be covering, too.  CNN will be promoting it like crazy.  But if TV news is promoting it, that's all the better, I doubt the Obama fokes really care all that much.  They don't need it.

Twitters like me @daddyclaxton will be getting messages from the Obama fokes themselves.  And then there are sites like the LA Times where their Twitters have figured it out, too.

In other words, with the power of email, social media networking, and then, the traditional press, plus all the Sunday a.m. shows, Saturday all of a sudden becomes a good media day.  It used to be when papers bought ink by the barrel and there was little or no Internet, the paper's had the power. 

Now, with FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter and your own network of online supporters, you own the message and you are the filter. 

Saturday marks a new day in the history of the new social media.  Saturday marks a new day in "if" news cycles mean anything any more. And it marks a new day in how we campaign in America.  I used to think it was exciting when in 1994 I made Fob James the first statewide Alabama candidate to have an email address.  How far we've come now in just 14 years. 

Whether you're an Obama fan or not, the power that's been amassed by this thing called the Internet now moves into a whole new league.  And it's nice to have been part of the beginning, and to still be apart of the dream of where it all goes next.

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