Hear hear to Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream for resisting the insistence from PETA to make their fantastic ice cream out of human breast milk instead of milk from a cow. 

It's great and important for babies.  And yeah, this is probably just a PETA ploy to garner some media attention, but I sense it's going to have an impact on ice cream consumption today–or for as long as it takes for this to get out of the minds of male adults….

And neither will these twitter friends:

I got this one direct message: I'd say no…unless I knew the breast in question really well.  Can U make B&J's  Chubby Hubby ice cream w/ breast milk? Heh.

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    @daddyclaxton  Only if it's free range breast milk!  As a Vermonter I have to say…. hmmmmm!  LOL!!




      reply to twinbirch




    @daddyclaxton no I would not!




      reply to ruthdfw




    @daddyclaxton Not on your life.



  1. Moms At Work

    I, too, will pass on the breast milk ice cream. I think PETA has a case of the crazies.

  2. Wesley

    I’ve always supported the use of breast milk rather than cow milk. Consuming any dairy past the age of breastfeeding is odd, but drinking the milk of another species is odd on a whole new level! Plus the women have laws in place that protect them from mistreatment; this would be a great way for single moms to make extra money.
    I fail to understand why you would drink milk from the breast of a cow, but would not drink the milk of your own species (which to me makes much more sense).

  3. Mrs. Tantrum

    Um, mother’s can only make breast milk for so long…encouraging single mothers to sell breast milk also encourages them to continue to reproduce over and over and over. Is that responsible? Cows make milk REGARDLESS of if they are pregnant or not. Plus you can’t get any kind of freaky weird disease from COW MILK like you could some woman’s breast milk. So Wesley, why don’t you find a way to produce breast milk from men so that you can produce all of the milk for this ice cream.

  4. Melanie

    Actually cows make milk just like humans- They lactate after giving birth, and it works the same way a woman’s body does. If you stimulate the breast, it produces more milk, therefore a dairy cow that is constantly being milk will constantly make more milk seeing as how it is a supply and demand process.
    At first thought I’d say no I wouldn’t eat it, but after thinking, my only reason for that is that society has made it “unnatural” to do so… but I feed my 6 month old breast milk, if it is the best thing for him, why wouldn’t it be the best thing for any human? And why do we milk another species to get our dairy ?

  5. Heather Cook

    Women can produce breastmilk if they have ever had a child, they just need to restimulate. You don’t have to keep having children to produce breastmilk. Even my grandmother could produce it today… though . . . eww, I want to have a shower now.
    Cows also must have had one calf, but they continue to produce as long as the teats are stimulated. Many cows only ever have one calf.
    Mothers and cows will produce milk *as long as there is consistant stimulation*. That’s why it’s so important to milk the cows at the same time every single day to get the maximum amount of milk. If there’s a delay, they begin to produce less. Supply meets demand. It’s also why women begin to produce less milk as the child gets older and nurses less.

  6. Heather Cook

    Oh, and “dairy” specifically refers to cows. It has nothing to do with breastmilk.

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