ruly, We have two beautiful lavendar plants in our backyard garden I refer to as "Kari's Paradise."  We've done much this year to ensure we have a medley of colors and varieties growing along side the rock wall of our pool.  This morning, Ashleigh, our four-year-old and I sat out and watched the sun come up.  It was a fantastic morning and a heavenly time to enjoy with a youngster.  We talked about how the sun was coming up, the colors associated with sunrise and the progression of the sun "pushing the nighttime across the sky."

Lately I've been noticing incredible bumblebee activity between the lavendar in our backyard.  We have two plants that are at least 30 feet from each other.  Now to watch these bees, you'd be amazed.  They don't leave one plant and then scamper to another nearby trying to find their mana.  No.  They take off and head directly for the other plant.  Directly.  The FAA and the airlines could take lessons in how this works.  Push back.  Depart.  Arrive. 

Truly, I also have to admit that while I'm in the backyard, though I put on Mozart this morning for sunrise, I have to say I'm hearing in my head: "I'm a little bumble bee, won't my mommy be so proud of me?"  Over and over and over….

My question is, how do they know how to do this?  It truly is, in the proverbial sense, a bee line from one plant to the other. 

Any bug and plant people out there who can shed some light on this incredible precision?  Is it all phermones?  The scent of the flowers?  What is it?

This wondering dad wants to know.  Is there a way to get our kids to do the same thing when they get up in the morning and are getting ready for school?  Now that would be something we could sell…..

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