Is it all coming to an end?

What a mess.  Everywhere.  I don't think the world's been this
screwed up in a long time.  In some ways, I think we need a flood so we
can just start all over again.

If you think about it, we're
guilty of many of the same sins that produced the first flood.  There's
greed, sex, you name it.  As we have become more technologically
developed as a world, we've also enhanced our abilities to commit the
same ole sins, just in greater fashion.

The stock market lost
$1.1 trillion in value yesterday.  We have wars  going on around the
world.  Starvation.  Hunger.  AIDS.  Genocide. 

Closer to home, in Dallas, we have a school district that's run amuck that's millions in the red and there's no end in sight. 

what's the answer to it all?  One colleague I talked with the other day
said the S&L scandals of the past were dramatic and had an
incredible impact as well, but we as a country bounced back and
recovered, so likewise, we will do the same with the financial bust we
now are facing. 

Others have talked about an imminent market
correction.  Heck, when I was working on an MBA back in 1990, one of my
professors was arguing with a business wiz who at the time worked for
Alabama Retirement Systems' David Bronner.  Their argument?  The
professor didn't believe the market would ever go above 4,000.  My
counterpart in class, thought it would.  We know who was right.

don't know what the answer to all of these problems is.  It's sickening
to see so many people hurting and angry all at the same time.   

of this, too, one would have to assume is the machinations of the
political campaigns/parties.  Easier to get elected if you can generate
a crisis and show you're the solution to said crisis.  But with a vote
as close as it was in the House yesterday it appears to me that we are
a nation more divided than we were in the Civil War.  It's not North
and South these days, it's blue states and red states, and the
subdivisions, literally and figuratively, that make up each. 

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