Is TXTing Bad for Eng?

My goodness. I recall a story from my high school days in reading that those dastardly children of yore were such lazy creatures they had the audacity to take the phrase used by their parents to say farewell–"God be with ye"–and turn it into a despicable form of slang–"good-bye."  Comes  now a story from  Newsweek,  (from my conservative friends, I know, "WTF: What are you  doing reading Newsweek?") about how linguists are worried that text messaging will bring the demise of the English language.  (My answer to them, read Sun Tzu.)

The story cites references to high school English teachers, (I can only imagine turning in a paper with TXT references in it to Mrs. Carol Rogers at Jeff Davis High School in Montgomery 30 years ago but in a modern-day setting) marking up papers of high school kids of today who errantly included text they would have sent on their phone in a final paper.  While my Advanced Expository Writing instructor, Nancy Anderson at Auburn University at Montgomery probably would have snickered snarkily at the thought, but no doubt she would have hailed it.  (She always was and still is from what I hear, fairly adept to change.  And from what I also hear, I'm still one of the few who has ever gotten an A in her class.) 

Nonetheless, are we to panic OMG-style about the new developments?  I think not.  I still write XGR when I'm writing shorthand and hear the word Legislature.  It's wire-style use of the word.  Nothing harmful.  I change it to Legislature when it's time appropriate.  Heck, I even still use some of the Latin I learned back in high school from Carol Burnett.  Inter for between, et for and, etc. are just simple ways my mind uses when I'm writing something fast and don't need to spend the time spelling out all the letters. 

The story in Newsweek was fun to read.  I can remember a day when someone wrote about "stuffy stalwarts" back in college.  I'd gotten the newspaper business out of my system only to find an antagonistic article in the student paper that needed response.  Now look at me.  Twenty years in the PR business and a frequent user of texting myself.  My how things have changed and very quickly.

Gibberish you say?  Not in the least.  I'm up with the times.  R U?

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