It's Tuesday and soon to be Tuesday night, and you know what that means.  It means House is going to be on the FOX network tonight and talking about all sorts of afflictions that one could have to explain why they're passed out on a hospital bed with a dozen wires and hoses running in and out of their body(s). 

And then you should throw in a dash of sex appeal with Dr. House and the hospital administrator, have House's staff pondering why someone is sick that House may or may not know about, and have the big hospital dude wanting to fire House for his latest over the top antic.   Did I miss anything?

So, in honor of tonight's episode, whether it's an "all new" episode or a rerun, which we will TiVo regardless, I thought it would be fun to have a list of possible illnesses we "non-House addicts" might have to get our spouses/significant others unglued from the show.  Maybe I have "Housusjealousuesesinfectionitis" which only can be cured by an injection of wild kissing and hand-holding.

So seriously, what ails you?  Maybe your own House specialist can cure it! 

  1. Susan/Together We Flourish

    I have no strange ailements except that i do like House. I would call myself an addict though. I think my current addiction is Twitter

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