Well, I thought it would be fun for a change on the site.  At a seminar in Chicago last Thursday, I heard that if you wanted to use the best service out there, use TypePad for Blogging.  Well, I logged in yesterday, created an account, remapped the dadscenter.typepade.com etc to the dadscenter and now all the other pages are gone, including the WordPress Blog I've been running for The Dads Center for more than a year now.  I'm sure they're still alive out on the server somewhere, but I can't find them at the moment, which is okay, I was ready to make some changes to the system anyway.

This whole site came about as I lay in a hospital bed four years ago while enduring an unpleasant divorce.  I know, that's redundant, but for those who might think it could be pleasant, it's not.  The Dads Center concept is to become a source of helpful information for dads.  All dads.  And so I've endeavored over the years to build something positive and helpful. 

In this blog I write about the events of being a newly remarried father, now with seven kids.  Four of my wife's, three of them mine.  And so we go.  Every day is an adventure.  There are new stresses, challenges, and joy all in revolving bundles going on constantly at our house.  We deal with teen issues, blended family issues, dad issues, mom issues, step-parent issues, the whole lot. 

And I know my ex likes to read this from time to  time and send a long snarky comments.  Ah, what would the world be without a little flavor.  Her current husband says I slander her here, though by definition, slander is something spoken and written is something that's libel.  Nonetheless, I do neither here.  If I say she's up to something, well, she is and it's my perspective on what it is and I'm telling you how I'm reacting to it. 

I had once started a book and was calling it, Super Dad and SOB, the titles I wore to set me free.  My ex always used to say I only tried to be a good dad to my kids when people were watching.  Well, 11 years of parenting, and adding four more to the mix, I think I've debunked that baloney.  SOB, well, that came about through counseling sessions where I learned not to be an enabler and to take the upper end of the triangle of Karpman's Triangle–the persecutor, the bad guy, the SOB.  A role usually played until one gives in to the victim, in this case, my ex. 

We strive to have a better relationship these days.  That's not always pleasant or possible. 

Like yesterday, one of the girls came home with a stick on tatoo on her arm.  The time before one of the girls came home with one on her chest between her yet to develop breasts.  Not something an eight year old girl, let alone any girl with a dad who loves her should be doing. 

Does that happen at my house?  No.  Did it happen while at my exes?  Yes.  Whoops.  I guess that's what her husband is referring to as slander.  The other problem with that is, it's true, which makes the whole slander/libel argument a bunch of baloney. 

Okay, enough for this writing.

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