Still a mystery.  I've just been howling at home as I watched the LA Times yesterday say it could be as early as Tuesday.  Now MSNBC says it could be as early as Wednesday.  And then the No, S*** Sherlock commentary is that it "has to be very soon."  Well, duh, the convention's next week.  So yeah. 

I did sign up for the blast text message to alert me.  I also signed up for the LA Times Twitter alert for McCain and Obama.  But do I really need to know that quickly? 

I've searched the news sites for something good to blog about this morning and didn't really find any big gems.  So, Obama, today would probably be a good day.  The press is waiting for it.

Of course there was the piece on MSNBC about how JLo thinks Michael Phelps, aka, "the swimmer" is stealing her press in getting ready for a foot race.  Jeez.  Do I even mention it here?  I can't decide if she's really that clueless and self-centered, or if this is just a PR ploy to break through while all the world is focused on real sports. 

Oh, on CNN, come this.  Bill Clinton has emailed his contrib list offering a week with him and Hillary at the convention for one special person.  Apparently Hillary is like the rest of us and having trouble paying her bills.  Hers are just her campaign bills.  How not exciting.  A week at the convention with what will be the third-place fokes.  The has-beens.

If the Obama campaign pulls off keeping the Veep nominee silent until their text message, they will truly have pulled off a near impossibility.  Waiting to see if anything leaks before I get Twittered.

Okay, campaigns.  My twitter is twitting for some titillating tidings.  Twitter me.  @daddyclaxton

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