I have to agree with the comments about this one.  Fort Worth dad gets mad (Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Dave Lieber) at 11-year-old son at a restaurant.  Kid keeps acting up.  Dad says I'm leaving, directs kid to walk home a couple blocks. 

Turning back, police greet the dad upon his return.  How else do you make a point?  Beat the kid in public?  No, can't do that because some leaning-to-the-left higher-than-mighty nut sitting next to you will call the cops then, too.

"Watauga police issued a probable cause warrant for one count of child
abandonment with intent to return and endangering a child. He was
released after posting $4,000 bond."

This is over-reaching, and example of what's happening in society today when too many have spared the rod.   I don't think he should have been arrested.  I do think the kid should have been taken to the proverbial wood shed when he did get home. 

At the end of his column, here are some tips that were offered:

In moments of anger The Parenting Center suggests these steps in dealing with children in a power struggle.
Identify the problem. Ask yourself, "What is making me angry?"

Recognize signs that you are getting tense — tightened jaw, tense neck, anxiousness, irritability.

Quickly think through possible solutions. Take a deep breath. Step back. Count to 10. Lower your voice.

to the children with "I" language, rather than "You" language. For
example, a parent can tell a child, "I am frustrated because . . ."

the child that the behavior is inappropriate. Listen to his or her
complaint and acknowledge: "I hear you. Thanks for sharing." Statements
like that can de-escalate a power struggle.

Online, go to  www.theparentingcenter.org. The free parenting advice hot line is open weekdays from noon to 3 p.m. at 817-332-6399.

For information in Fort Worth call 817-332-6348; in Arlington, 817-275-7576; or in Mansfield, 817-477-1010.

Source: The Parenting Center

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