Say what you want about Sarah Palin. We certainly learned much about her last night during her speech.  But we learned as much or more from her kids.  In particular, little Piper Palin. 

Piper is the youngest daughter.  You could tell when she was on stage, she's also a "mommy's girl."  She's in the pictures with McCain and Palin.  She's in between the two. 

The campaign could not have hoped for any more poignant moment with the Palin kids than when Piper was holding her baby brother, Trig, who has Down Syndrome.  Deciding that Trig had a cowlick, well, Piper licked her palm, and then smoothed the hair of her little brother. "KUTE" was what one mom on Twitter wrote.  There were adoring Moms and Dads across the country watching that moment.

So what did we learn here?  As a dad, I saw it clearly.  Piper Palin, for as busy as her mom is said to be, obviously has spent a lot of time with her mom.  She's learned to be gentle with that baby brother.  She's learned to be still while holding him.  And she's learned to show a pride in him that you just don't come about without seeing it modeled at home.  Dems, you can despise Sarah Palin for whatever reasons befit you, but I think last night you would have to concede two or three points.

Sarah Palin appears to be a good mom who has been there for her kids.  Ah, but you'll throw Bristol's pregnancy up there as proof she was not.  But I say again, look at your own families and tell me that hasn't happened at least once. 

Sarah Palin was perfect at what should forever be known as "the Palin Pause."  She delivered her one-liner tongue in cheek comments with wit, precision, and fantastic timing. 

Sarah Palin has spent some time with those kids.  They all were well-behaved.  All were paying attention to the goingson, and all clearly loved by their parents. 

And Pretty Little Piper Palin's Picture Perfect Poignancy?  Priceless.   

  1. kimmy

    I thought it was fascinating that Piper was the one child who jumped up and waved to the crowd when the family was introduced. Oh, to be young again…. And not at that gawky teen-age or pre-teen-age age.

  2. Elliott

    Wow – excellent writing – job well done. As the father of two boys (2 years and 6 months), I know how difficult it can be to get the oldest to show that kind of attention to their younger sibling. All I can say is, WOW.
    I also think that, if even for just the added benefit of having a very high-level advocate for children with special needs, and their families, to elect McCain/Palin would be a huge step forward for our country. Huge.

  3. Thomas

    I need to know who you are following on Twitter…the people I read were just putting Sarah down.
    This is a great post. While I didn’t watch the speech I am gathering from the web that people are desperately trying to find some thing wrong with it. When the best you can do is say that someone else wrote it, you know she did a good job. And just seeing the pics of Piper with Trig – priceless.

  4. Megan

    Just as an FYI – it’s appropriate to use people first language. Trig is not a “Down Syndrome brother”, he’s a brother with Down syndrome.

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