Roaming like a Lion

You just have to pause when you read stories like the Maryland woman whose two adopted daughters were likely encased in ice in her freezer over the past seven or so months.   They found a girl from her home who'd jumped out a second story window to find safety, beaten and wearing a feces-soaked t-shirt.

The girls who are likely in that ice block are believed to be 9 and 11 years old.  I have two kids of both genders who are both those ages, and to think of any of them being subjected to whatever to do that to them just gives me the shudders. 

As a dad, I'm always affected the most when something happens to kids who are the same ages as my own.  A few years ago when first graders at a school here in Dallas were leaning on the railing of the lunch counter and the thing tipped over on them spilling scalding hot water all over the kids, I had bad dreams for days.  I hurt for their parents, but in the case of this lady in Maryland, I don't know how to hurt for her if she is indeed the perpetrator. 

Please stop and say a prayer for these deceased kids.  God has his hands wrapped around them and has for a long time, but gosh what they must have had to endure to get to him.  It's just too much to think about.

  1. Juliann Grant

    Oh my goodness this is just awful. The horrors for those children. Let’s just hope they were dead before they were frozen, and that their spirit angels saved them from pain so they didn’t have to endure. And to think they were adopted children? If the biological parents are alive, they also have something to live with when they find out.
    My heart hurts when I hear stuff like this. Sometimes I can’t watch a CSI episode if its about young children.
    How in the world did she get cleared for adoption? So many questions, few answers.
    Makes me want to hug my kids just a bit closer.

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