I've been reading a lot of the LA Times lately, as you will note from my postings, but this morning I stumbled upon the sixth most oft read piece on their site of late, this one called "Edwards Affair?  My Fault," and it recalls memories of having a room rented to Reille Hunter, the Edwards Home Wrecker, and it all but says that's what she is, a home wrecker/gold digger. 

Sarah Miller lays out a series of conversations and events with Rielle Hunter where at the end, she's saying she's going to meet a rich and powerful guy and essentially "manifest" him. 

As the old saying goes, it appears "she shoots and scores." 

Lots of questions have been asked this weekend that just don't seem to add up or clearly haven't been researched as yet.

The questions are endless at this writing.  One of the comments I've seen this weekend noted that Rielle keeps the upper hand so long as she doesn't concede to a paternity test for the kid.  Wanna bet some crafty fokes already have been going through her trash and Lord knows what else to get a DNA sample from the kid? 

Then there certainly have to be issues associated with the financing of places to stay in CA for Rielle and the other campaign aide who says the baby actually is his.  And his wife moved out to the same city with Rielle and him so all three could live in the same area?  I guess this is so they can do some sort of week on/week off custody deal. 

Where did John Edwards spend the weekend?  Elizabeth should be having nothing to do with him at this point.  I'd like to know the answer to that question.  I'm sure it could not have been a pleasant weekend at the Edwards house.  Here this lady has terminal cancer, is struggling with each remaining day, and now all this?  Very sad indeed.

Then there is the whole campaign finance question and whether or not Edwards really knew or not Rielle was being paid $ each month and put up in nice digs in CA.  How was this all reported?  Lots of questions here and this likely is the real story to follow up with by MSM. 

More questions than there are answers.  This is a very sad story.  And the Enquirer editor said Friday there's still more to come of it.

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