I have never understood people who decide a candidate based on their opinion on a single issue. I would not vote for a republican who was liberal on fiscal issues, national defense, U.S. Supreme Court nominees, the Second Amendment, and spitting on the sidewalk but was pro-life. I think we should evaluate the candidate and the totality of their beliefs.

A friend of mine said a couple of months ago – and mentioned Palin in his dialogue – that the GOP is missing the cool factor. We don't have saxophone playing nominees. We don't have backgrounds in wearing berets and driving VW vans. We don't have any radical people who joined militant and violent movements for peace.

That being said, I am going to be a single issue voter this time. Sarah Palin is my single issue. She is hot. Not only attractive, but intelligent. She brings excitement to the GOP. She is young and bright in a party of dull, stagnant, forgot-why-they-got-elected old guys. She will only get better over time.

I am feeling the excitement of the political season for the first time in years. Usually this time of the year I am excited about Auburn football, yet I really haven't felt much in that regard as of yet. I am sure it will come, as it always does. Perhaps I need a road trip to the campus to invigorate myself.

But I digress. There is much trash being thrown about regarding Palin and her life. I have yet to hear anything that will stand the test of time. What I see in her is fresh ideas, a fresh perspective, and the potential for a new direction in D.C. I think she can make conservatism cool…

There hasn't been a better choice for a nominee since Reagan.

  1. Thomas

    Well said, Donny. I couldn’t agree more.
    There is a question that has been on my mind. What if Sarah was not from Alaska. What if she had her same credentials, but was governor of a state in the lower 48, say, Wyoming, which is also of small population, has rich energy deposits, and great moose hunting. Do you thing the hockey mom would be treated any differently?

  2. Thomas

    OOPs, I meant, well said Robert! Didn;t realize who had posted!!!

  3. Robert Clark

    Thomas, I don’t think she would be treated an differently. She is being treated as conservatives are treated across the board – rudely, and with the unspoken notion that they are idiots. I think you are likely to see a George Bush level of vitriol and hostility because she does have the cred to speak on energy and family issues.
    We have a developmentally delayed daughter. While she will never need the level of care and special needs that her newborn son will require, the fact that she has addressed this in her speeches shows that she is a real person who understands realities of American families. She is not a politician as we have come to hate – and I am excited ad energized by her nomination.

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