If you were watching This Week with George Stephanopoulous this morning on ABC, you heard a discussion about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and one of the most colorful commentaries about her came from New York Times reporter David Brooks who said, "Because she’s polarizing the way other people. … My email, I’ve got so many people telling me, 'I hate that woman.  Her voice bothers me.  Her hunting.  The family.  The five kids. It all bothers me,'  and they tend to come from New England and frankly they tend to see her, frankly, as 'trailer trash.'  Other people hear the voice and say,  'That’s like the woman in the super market.  I know that person,' and she’s actually much more accessible to a lot of people than McCain is, who comes from military royalty, and than Obama is…. 

"A lot of people think she’s not like me.  …Creationist wacko. …"

So which camp do you put her in, now after eight days of knowing her as the Veep nomination for the GOP? 

Is this a snooty, New England perspective or something shared across America? 

If you talk like Sarah Palin, hunt, are female and have five kids, does that make you trailer trash, too? 

We have seven kids, but don't hunt.  Kari has a very eloquent voice, to me.   But does that make her trailer trash?  I don't think she's even ever lived in one. 

  1. Kari Claxton

    I see Sarah Palin as a strong woman who stands up for what she thinks is right. She wants to improve the quality of life for everyone in America by bringing in new ideas and righting the wrongs government has condoned for so many years. The idea that she comes across to anyone as trailer trash makes no sense to me. When I think trailer trash, I think of those people as not just living in a particular physical dwelling, but as living in an immature emotional state of mind. Many are just fine with where they are at in life, not wanting to improve their own situation. That’s most definitely NOT Sarah Palin!!!

  2. Sherry

    I grew up in Oklahoma (*Not* an OU fan) and I am way closer to trailer trash than Palin is. Just this morning I told my husband that she doesn’t look like someone I could be friends with. (See, she probably would have said, “With whom I could be friends.) She looks a little too put together.

  3. Nicole

    Sure, I could be friends with Sarah Palin. We’re probably a lot alike: strong willed women who won’t be pushed around by men and fight for what we believe (her more so than me, actually, since I’m just a slacker-blogger and she’s an actual governor). HOWEVER… **SO WHAT?** So she’s probably a hoot to go camping with. That DOES NOT MAKE HER A GOOD CHOICE FOR VP! The “who would be cool to have a beer with” method of candidate choosing is what got us the last eight years. It shouldn’t matter whether or not we can ‘relate’ to a candidate. I don’t want a candidate that is “just like me,” I’m a dork. I have an IQ that only hovers around 120, I’m lazy, I like Taco Bell. I want someone WAY BETTER than me. It should matter whether or not they will work for policies that will make our lives better. We haven’t heard her talk about health care, the environment or anything else that matters (or should matter) to middle class people. THAT is what we should be basing our decisions on, people.

  4. Sherry

    Maybe Nicole and I could hang out. I’m lazy and I love Taco Bell! (How do you feel about Arby’s?)
    Seriously, she put it way better than I ever could.

  5. Andrew

    As a “snooty” New-Englander, I’d like to put my opinion down with Nicole. I think Mr. Brooks’ use of the term “Trailer Trash,” is a bit harsh. I think what he meant, or more accurately, what the majority of New England Yankees would see in her, is that she is a relatively average person intellectually. In New England and across the northeast, we have no problems with electing people who are smarter than us.
    This idea of efete “elitism” is a real destructive effect on American politics. I have no problem voting for an Ivy graduate. I think that should be a qualification, not the reverse. I think that by that test, Sarah Palin does not live up to the standard of the American Presidency. Her experience in politics is negligible, particularly on a national and international level, and she does not appear to have the credentials to back up the claims being made about her.
    I am withholding judgement until I see the good Governer on Meet The Press or This Week, where she will be made to answer tough questions without a teleprompter or campaign staffers stepping in. I don’t think that she is at all “trailer trash,” but she really does not offer anything exemplary that qualifies her for the job at hand, especially considering Senator McCain’s age.
    And as for your question regarding the perceptions of Gov. Palin. I would assume that Yankee liberals do not have a problem with her manner of speaking or her many children. I think that the issues that they differ with her on would be her inference that Creationism belongs in our schools, Climate change is not caused by man, and her coddling of BigOil, despite recent claims that she is actually an opponent of ExxonMobil et al.
    This in no way makes her Trailer Trash in my mind. It simply means that I do not see her as fit to hold the highest office in the land.

  6. Robert Clark

    I think Palin is as close to “normal” Americans as anyone who has tried to enter Washington since, well, Washington.
    We have reched a point in politics where you have to be the “in” crowd. You have to be elite and consider yourself better than others, because the rest of us don’t have any idea how we should manage our lives. It certainly takes people smarter than us to figure out that gas prices hurt families.
    It simply reflects the fact that the left is in a knot over her nomination. They are in a tantrum because “they” were supposed to elect the first woman to an office. Or the first black. Or the first hispanic. They haven’t gotten that it isn’t the sex of the candidate, but the ideas of the candidate that have stopped their selections.
    Are there even trailers in Alaska?

  7. Nicole

    Sherry: I’m ashamed to say that I really love Arby’s chicken salad sandwich. Crunchy apples, fluffy bread… mmmm. We can hang out ANYTIME! 🙂
    And hey, for the record you don’t have to be in a trailer to be trailer trash. It’s more a state of mind than anything else. When I was born, my parents (who were 18) lived in a double-wide. Hey! That makes me qualified to be VP! Actually I’m more than qualified, since I’ve actually BEEN to a foreign country!

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