In Atwater, CA Halloween 1979 some older kid came up to me and threatened to stab me.  We called the police, but they didn't do anything to him because he didn't stab me.  Argh.

In Montgomery, AL Halloween 1981, I went jogging about 9:30 after things had calmed down.  A weird car followed me for about a half a mile until I veered back toward home and got off the street.

What's your worst moment?

  1. Rebecca

    I don’t think this happened on Halloween, but it happened around this time of year, when the weather was warmish but the leaves were fallen.
    Anyway, I drive through a very old cemetary to get to my house. It’s not as creepy as it sounds — the cemetary just happens to be on both sides of the road as you round the bend, just before turning on to my street. As you turn the bend, all you can see is this knoll, where the oldest graves are.
    My middle son, Joseph, was in the car with me. He was three at the time. As we rounded the bend one evening, just as the sun was going down, he said, “Mommy, what are those kids doing?” as he pointed toward the knoll. I saw no kids — or anybody — there, so I asked him to repeat his question. I still saw nothing, so I turned the car around and drove through the cemetary.
    The cemetary sits on a hill, with very steep dropoffs on all sides except where the road is, so it’s unlikely that anybody was in the cemetary and walked off. There was NOBODY in the cemetary — anywhere! I asked him again where he saw the kids, and he pointed toward the knoll again.
    I went back there, on foot, this time, a little while later. There are twin girls buried in the exact spot where he saw the kids playing. They died in the mid-1800s.
    This still gives me the creeps. Everytime I drive up the hill, I always look at that spot, but I’ve never seen anything.

  2. LizM

    Well, it wasn’t MY worst moment but I think I gave some kids THEIR worst moment.
    Back as a teenager I was targeting by some other teens driving around peppering random folks with water balloons (another great reason for a cape on a costume – it deflected the balloon without breakage). Now, being the over-protective person I was about Halloween and the smaller kids in the neighborhood I hatched a plan.
    I went home and grabbed a few handfuls of snap-pops out of my fireworks stash. When the water balloon teens came around the block again I waited until they passed and hurled the snap-pops against the rear windshield of their car. I’m pretty sure it had the effect I wanted (to make them think they’d been shot at) as they tore out of the neighborhood and never returned.
    *insert evil laugh here*

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