I'm pumped.  Tomorrow, Kari and I venture on four days of New York City, Baltimore and DC.  She's never been to any of the three cities before and I can't wait to open these incredible new world to her.   

So I just downloaded Sinatra to further the mood. 

There are certain moments in your life where you can say, that moment changed me forever.  This coming week of travel with my dearest wife will be a series of days for me and her.  Yes, I've been to the big cities before, and I admit, DC is often the last place in the world where I have a good experience, but I'm hoping this trip shall be different.   The last ones to each of these cities were very good memories and the entire time I was in NYC and DC, I kept lamenting that I wished Kari could be with me.  For this trip, I'm wishing we were going to have more time in each spot and that I wasn't going for work, but rather for play, but alas, in the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt, we're at least going to be in the arena.

I'm looking forward to standing in the heart of Times Square with my beautiful bride and seeing the reflection of the millions of lights in the excitement of her deep, brown eyes.  I'm looking forward to finding some quaint shops for her to peruse.  Sitting in a cool, NYC-only eatery and savoring each bite of their wares. 

And then we're on to DC, touring the Capitol and hopefully the White House and the monuments that make our country special.   

I'm so looking forward to this.  It's kind of like the joy of taking someone to Wrigley Field for the first time and seeing them get captivated by the magic of the atmosphere around it. 

I can't wait.  This is going to be fun.  A lot of work, too, but this is going to be special.

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