Straight Talk is What We Got

What a contrast in the two nights of the GOP VP and Presidential nominees.  One of the guys on CNN said it fairly, John McCain isn't going to win the presidency for being a good orator. 

Olbermann pointed out immediately that McCain said Palin has worked hard with her hands and nose. 

I heard McCain say it, but it wouldn't have been the first thing I mentioned.  One word, or actually a bunch of letters: MSNBC. 

Wednesday night with Sarah Palin was red meat night.  It was vim and vigor. 

Thursday night? Well, Tom Ridge was humdrum.  Cindy McCain, while a wonderful lady, isn't going to with a prize with Toastmasters. 

It was good to see the McCains and Palins work a rope line.  Obama and Biden just stood there looking back at the Greek columns trying to figure out what to do.  I would imagine there's going to be a discussion with Palin to tell her you don't carry on a conversation on a rope line, however.  Shake hands and reach for the next one. 

McCain did rally at the end by talking over the crowd.  Was it enough?   Chris Matthews said it might be.

For moms and dads, we did get to hear some specifics about education reform and where McCain would go.  It was good to hear this important information finally bubbling to the surface.


One thing I know is that if I were Joe Biden, I'd be worried about debating Sarah Palin.  If I were one of the coms staff on the Obama/Biden team, I'd be worried about what Joe is going to say once he gets off his note cards. 

It's going to be an interesting 60 days, no matter which side of the asile you hail.  Hang on America, this is about to get pretty interesting. 

Your thoughts?

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