I told one of the boys the other day that I'm to the point in life where the more I understand that I don't know about, the more I seem to know.  He looked at me funny, but the point is, as I grow older and travel the country, the more I realize I'm missing out on or have missed out on, which in turn, shows me how much more there is to know about, and by understanding that, I do know more. 

Kari and I finished a whirlwind of NYC, Baltimore and DC last week.  I'm still trying to recover from the marathon sprint we did.  And yet I learned so much from this last trip, and saw so many new places, people and things.  Each time I leave on one of these trips I come back with so many new ideas and so much new knowledge.  And that's what I truly enjoy about travel.  Sure, the sights are nice to see, but it's the ideas I bring home that are most helpful. 

For instance, I was in a way cool high school the other day and high school kids were using Autodesk Maya to design games, etc.  Well, there is a learning edition that you can download and use for free while you're learning the software.  What you save gets watermarked so you can't use it for commercial purposes, but hey, you get to use some of the coolest 3-D software there is to date.  Free.  The real deal costs about $2,200. 

Sunday, two of the boys got treated to this program on their PCs. Of course, that brought up more frustrations, too, because they're using POS PCs. But the door has been opened.

My eldest daughter also got treated to a new site–www.braincake.org.  It's math and science stuff for girls 11-17.  Perfect. 

And now I've come up with the ideas and likely contacts to move the Dads Center into its new level of progress.  And it may finally become what I imagined it becoming in that hospital bed way back in 2004/5.  More on that as I get it built and developed.  It is an exciting time at work, home and now on the Net again. 

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