Time For Healing

President Lincoln once said that a house divided cannot stand. He was talking about the fractious nature of our country involving slavery in the first 87 or so years of our nation.  President Lincoln took our nation through one of the most traumatic, but important times of our nation's history, because without the Civil War and the changes it brought about, we arguably would not have the nation we have today.

But I would submit to you, the theme we all heard as kids about America being a melting pot still applies, but I think in many ways, for the melding that's going on in that pot, the heat on the stove has been turned down to warm.

Think about it.  Isn't our nation quite fractured at the moment?  We have the Republicans and Democrats split about even.  Those numbers seldom seem to change.  Red states and blue.  We have rich and poor, with many saying the divide between the two right now is wider than it ever has been in America. I'm sure that point can be argued, but for now, I'll let it ride.

We have married and divorced.  We have gay and straight marriages. 

We have U.S. citizens and illegals.  Employed and unemployed.  Educated and not educated. Literate and illiterate.  English speaking and Spanish speaking. We still have vast prejudices among races.

We even have Macs and PCs.  iTunes and Walmart and Amazon.

There are so many divisions in America right now, it's hard to get a consensus on just about anything. 

America is in great need of a healer.  America is in great need of someone who can reach across all the divisions and find a common ground.  America is in need of someone who will try to do that.  Someone who doesn't think government is the answer for every one of life's problems, but also doesn't think the markets should run free and unchecked.  America needs a unifier.  America needs desperately someone who can get us all thinking about us being a shining light on a hill, for we truly are deep in a valley right now in America. 

I look across the spectrum daily of our purported leaders and I still don't see this person.  But like some many of you, and just as many who are not, I hope we find them soon. 

  1. rebecca

    I think we have one who will definitely NOT, and one who might if we give him a chance.

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