With the news of the "uncontacted" tribe of Envira in Brazil one has to wonder how incredible it would be to meet with these people and talk to them about their lives, their families, and way of life.  If in fact they really are what they are purported to be, perhaps they should actually be left alone and remain a control group for sociological study. 

It would, however, be fascinating to be there to hear their stories, to hear their beliefs, theories on religion, cultural values and mores, and to hear how great life can be without a computer and TV in nearly every room of the house.  From the photos on yahoo.com, it is an interesting find, for sure.  (Estimates are that in our vast world, there are still probably about 100 tribes of people out there who we still haven't stumbled upon.)  But I suppose it would be like finding a nest of eggs along a trail in the woods–someone's going to have to be overcome with curiosity and go mess with them for whatever reasons. 

The other interesting questions that come to mind:  1) what's with the red body paint?  2) who runs the culture–men or women?  3)  how have they managed to remain isolated?  and 4) do they think the Cubs can get past the 100-year curse?

Please share your thoughts on this as well. 

If you were able to sit down with these people, what questions would you ask them?  What do you think we can learn from them?

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