Welcome Christmas

Thankgiving now has come and gone and attentions can finally be focused on Christmas 2008; like many like me weren't looking past Thanksgiving Day to the Christmas season anyway….

Many things to think and talk about lately.

We have a large part of our front-yard decorated, but still have the ice cycle lights to put up on the house.  Our great neighbor Armando, who has been a good friend since the day we met him, is seeking a large extension ladder so we can get up on the front level of the house and then get up on top of the house, too.  If you recall, I went up there last year and had to have the fire department come get me down. …


That's the ladder truck coming to get me….

That won't be happening again!  Kari was in Fort Worth, the kids were in school, and Ashleigh was taking a nap.  I was on top of the roof, it was windy with gusts about 30 mph and all I could think was that if I fell off the top coming down the ladder and onto the patio cover around back, no one would find me for hours. 

Kari's dad is in town this week, so we're planning on a nice dinner out with him and his wife, Carolyn, tonight. 

This morning I'm going to get busy and do some additional decorating around the house.  Need to put up the tree for the living room, and looks like I will have to forgoe the one we normally put up here in the Den as I now have this desk in the spot and don't know how I would rearrange the room to put a table in the middle window.  Plus, with the Santa Train inflatable out front, you wouldn't much see it any way. 

(Are you up off the floor yet because I had to have the fire department get me off the roof last year?)

We ordered most of what the kids are getting for Christmas yesterday. It's going to be an exciting morning, and afternoon.  This year the girls will be with their mother Christmas morning, so we won't get them until 3 p.m.

I was going through photos yesterday for a new background screen here on my beautiful MacBook Pro 17 inch. I chose this one of Yosemite Valley from last year.  Just makes one want to pack up and go there right now, doesn't it? 

If you recall, last year we packed up all 7 kids the week before Christmas and flew to Fresno to stay at The Logger's Retreat.  What a great treat it was.  The night we got there, it snowed.  David, our host, had said we probably ought to leave our extension van at the bottom of the hill in case it didn't.  Well, two days later, after considerable struggling, we did get it down the mountain.  But there were such great memories.  We have such fantastic pictures of one of God's greatest inventions, and of course, our special kids, too.  IMG_3748

Okay, 6:51 and it's time to make some special omlettes from the ham from Thanksgiving, and get going with the deocrating.  Company will be here at 11ish and then be here until.  

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