As part of the Steve Jobs theory on up-selling Apple products, I got my 30G iPod for Father's Day in 2006.  That was our first foray into Apple products.  I got a brand new one.  @pocahontis, my wife, Kari, didn't get an iPod until I went and bought her a Nano of her own.  She loved it.  And treasured it because, after all, her beau had bought it for her. 

Well, last October, this Daddy Claxton bought himself a brand spanking new Mac Book Pro.  That day I also bought two brand spanking new iPhones, one for @DaddyClaxton and one for my bride, in part because I wanted to do something really nice for her, and two, so we didn't go through all of that, "you always get the new stuff," stuff.  But when I bought her the iPod and her iPhone, I was really also doing it out of genuine love and respect and honor.

So, on her iPhone, there is an iPod and she's moved many of her iTunes library songs over to it.  That means one of our sons has been, and quite successfully lobbying, to use her's since the iPod Shuffle we bought him has had cord connection issues. 

Well, come to find out last night, that last THURSDAY, one of our sons "lent" his mom's iPod to a friend at school for the last period of the day.  What they're doing listening to iPods during the last class is still something I don't know, but suffice it to say we still don't have it back.  To boot, we found out about it last night and began demanding our son immediately contact the kid who got it to get it the H back to us.

Oh boy.  I can't make this up.  The kid, who I eventually talked to on our son's cell phone, was at school late Thursday and apparently wasn't in school on Friday.  Why?  Uh, he says he'd been arressted again by the Mesquite Police Department.  What?!  Why, the kid wouldn't say.  But I do now know that he'd been going to North Mesquite HS and had been transferred by his parole office to WMHS so he could try to blend in with a better crowd.  Well, from the sound of him allegedly being arrested last Thursday and not being in school Friday, their efforts aren't taking. 

So the kid now tells us that his own iPod Touch, my bride's iPod Nano, and $560 cash are still down at Lone Star Jail here in Dallas County and that some how after school tomorrow they're going to let him have back his and our property, but aren't going to give him back the money because he has a restitution charge against him for breaking windows. 

I've talked to a police chief friend of mine who says that it's unlikely that the jail let the kid bond out and didn't return the property he had on him, and even the $560 when they let him out.  He said that likely couldn't even happen unless a judge were demanding them keep any cash.

So our recourse right now is to present a letter to the school principal tomorrow or Monday asking it be delivered to the kid in question, notifying him that he has 10 days to return our property to us, before we can then take him to small claims court.  Of course, much of this is compounded by the fact that our son allegedly leant the thing to him in the first place.  A kid he says he didn't really know.  Much less know that the kid has an ankle bracelet and a probation officer that he describes so elloquently as "some black dude." 

So how do you punish a 15-y-o son who would not have better sense than to give his mother's iPod to a perfect stranger to use, then not get it back, and then go nearly six days before, well, he didn't tell us, his younger brother ratted him out?  His birthday is next week and he's wanting a new pair of inline skates.  Do we use the money that we'd spend on that to get mom a new iPod or do you keep both items separate? 

My wife his hurt. The iPod, though she doesn't use much anymore, was of great sentimental value.  Her husband had bought it for her, after all.  And our son clearly had no business letting someone use it.

The kid who has the iPod or at least had it last if you believe the whole police story, says he can get it back tomorrow p.m.  Do you think we'll ever see it again? 

What to do?




KitiaraTomsen     KitiaraTomsen

  @daddyclaxton sounds to me like the skates are on hold


      reply to KitiaraTomsen

  Tonya Pruitt     tlpunlimited

  @daddyclaxton No chance.. on getting it back from the sounds of that story… and HIS BDay present is to get mom a new Ipod!


      reply to tlpunlimited

  BlondeBlogger     BlondeBlogger

  @daddyclaxton oh that sucks. definitely kill him.  i think that's your best option, lol.


      reply to BlondeBlogger

  cakes4hire     cakes4hire

  @daddyclaxton ground him till he replaces it with a better one!, lol


  1. Ann Handley

    Voting with @tlpunlimited here, regretfully. Sucky situation for all involved… but unfortunately, a teachable moment.

  2. Susan (lizziemom) Ward

    Oh, yikes… don’t know what to tell you… I have a feeling you’ll never see it again.

  3. KC

    Confiscate from him enough stuff to sell on ebay to get a new ipod.

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