Okay Guys, we've got to walk a fine line with this story (why good dads make moms jealous), but AMEN! it's been said, so now we can get it out there and talk about.

This whole phenomena drove my first wife nuts (ier…)  She used to mockingly call me "Super Dad!" and to this day will tell you the only time I ever was involved in raising my three girls was when it was in public and I could parade around like I was actively involved in the kids' lives. I mean there was fierce anger and resentment. 

The test of time has disproved this time and again; to this very day as a matter of fact. 

But the author of this piece is right.  Moms and Dads have different approaches to raising kids and spending time with them.  And it does create friction.

I made a pact with myself when I was a kid that I was going to spend much more time with my kids than my dad was able to.  And my line of work is different.  There were many a week when I was in elementary school when dad had to stay at the K.I. Sawyer AFB B-52 alert facility ready to go blow up the USSR.

I'm glad to see the amount of time dads spend with their kids is up from what it used to be.  That only benefits the kids. And guys, let's work even harder this weekend to give our "Mommy Girls" a well-deserved break.

My plans for tomorrow morning are to roust a good many of the kids out of bed and let mom sleep in.  What are your plans?

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    @daddyclaxton I don't think so.  I feel very lucky to have a "good Dad" at home.  šŸ™‚




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        keith parnell    

    @daddyclaxton – I read that on MSNBC this morning. Good stuff.




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  1. Danny Brown

    Interesting post (and initial story).
    I certainly feel that dads are the unsung heroes in parenting. So often we’re the “bad guy” that has to tell the kids off; or we’re the ones that are seen as the ones to put up play tents and activity areas. Yet it’s mom that everyone runs to with a grazed knee… šŸ˜‰
    I think the problem lies with the fact that in separations, it’s the mom’s that generally win custody. It’s not to say that the dad is a bad one, it’s just the way it is and has been. This leads to a view that dads are “secondary parents” and it’s a hard tag to shift.
    Look forward to seeing what others think.

  2. Rae Lynn Glispin

    I know, I know, I don’t belong in this post…I’m a girl.
    But, I had to support you guys anyways! My Husband is a super-Dad (besides being a super-Husband). He does everything with the kids (both boys under 6). He gives them their baths, he wrestles with them, he takes them to the park, he makes many of their meals, he is just extremely involved compared to most of our friends as Fathers.
    And, my boys even (most of the time) run to Daddy when they have a booboo. Don’t get me wrong, I do a lot too, but it is very equal in our home.
    Good luck fellas!

  3. rebecca

    In my state, separations are usually 50/50, no matter how inconvenient that is for the parents. If a parent moves out of state, it is split a little differently, depending on which parent lives nearest the kids’ school, but otherwise, it’s split right down the middle. So is child support — if both parents make roughly the same amount of income, neither one gets child support.
    I am really lucky to have a husband who is an awesome Dad. Our marriage has had its ups and downs, but he is ALWAYS a super Dad. It doesn’t make me jealous — it makes me feel lucky that we both have the kids’ best interests at heart. When I come home from work (an hour later than he does, because I work farther away and he works almost next door) and he has already started the kids on homework and switched over the laundry, I feel loved. This makes me happy to do more, myself. I see these actions as ways of saying “I love you.” How could I be jealous of someone saying “I love you?” It just makes me love him more and want to show it in new ways. šŸ™‚
    The other day, I came home and he and the boys had cleaned up the kitchen. I don’t think I would have been happier if they had met me at the door with flowers and jewelry. Seriously, it’s the things like that that make me feel the luckiest, and inspire me to be an awesome Mom and wife in return.

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