The question I am pondering at this writing is whether or not Sarah Palin will become the McCain version of the Bush administration's Harriett Miers. 

The whole Bristol Palin pregnancy and how it's being handled by the MSM and blogosphere beg the Catch-22 validation/condemnation of why picking a first-term governor, mother of five, former mayor should/should not be picked to serve as a VP running mate. 

Truly, picking Sarah Palin validates why people like Paul Begala and James Carville et al are looking down their noses about her–that a backwoods person who is inexperienced at playing the Washington DC game of destructive personal politics should not be chosen for a VP nominee, while at the same time confirming what people like their sort-of beloved Barack and even McCain himself are preaching; that it's time for a change in Washington and that by picking someone who isn't about the Washington DC game of destructive personal politics we can start to put an end of that game. 

Listen to Obama, at least on this point.  Family personal struggles are off limits.  Off limits, darn it. For those of you out there out to get Sarah Palin, stop and look and the vile thing you've become.  This is the change that needs to happen in America.  Hang in there Bristol, Sarah and the rest of the family.  It's hard enough to be 17 and thinking about being a mom in four months.  Let alone to have all you paranas  out there feasting on her flesh and bones.

I'm hoping with all my heart that Sarah Palin and her family can ride through this storm and come out on the other side in one piece.  We need people like Sarah Palin in our world.  And fewer of those who seek to destroy our families. 

  1. steve

    I was really hoping there would be meaningful discussion about Palin’s stance on taxes, energy, the national debt, health care and foreign policy. Instead, on the conservative, Christian blogs I read, all I get is vote for Palin because she is a great mother. Being a great mother, or father, is great. It hardly qualifies one for public office.
    I am more concerned about her lying about the bridge to nowhere and her windfall profits taxes on oil companies. Let’s hope we get past the social stuff soon.

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