Kari and I are in love. Our kids are, too.  In love with Yosemite National Park.  Since we were married in May of 1996, Kari and I have been to the park at least once a year.  One year we went twice and took all seven each time.  Now that was a blast.

Saturday we're filling up another flight on Southwest and heading West.  We have found the greatest place in the world to stay while we're in Yosemite and Kari fusses at me if I tell you where that is.  For selfish reasons!  We want there to be vacancies for when we want to go!

But we're into the final countdown mode for preparing to take seven kids almost 2,000 miles from home for a week.  Two pairs of shorts, two shirts, under clothes, socks, one pair of jeans to wear, one to pack; thank goodness the house we stay at has a washer and dryer. 

We're already talking about our annual treat for the kids and taking them to Roundtable Pizza in Oakhurst, CA for first night's dinner.  We then load up at the Von's grocery store there in Oakhurst and really don't come back down the mountain to eat in the city again. 

There are a couple of photography and water color workshops I'd so love to be able to take part in.  We'll just have to see. 

This year I'm also going to re-shoot the famous picture I took of the kids sitting atop Sentinel Dome with Half Dome majestically standing in the background. 

Much to do.  Much to be excited about. 

Do you have any Yosemite stories or sites you want photos of?  Let me know.  I'm happy to shoot as much as I can and pass them along for free.

Moms, I'm curious, what do you let your kids bring on cross country airplane trips?  Ipods? Board Games?  Coloring books?  Need some suggestions.

As important, what do you NOT let them bring?

  1. Laura Sherman

    My kids are much younger, but I would recommend a portable (magnetic) chess set. Also there are great chess puzzle books out there (I’m working on creating more that are kid friendly).
    I love Laszlo Polgar’s 5334 chess puzzles book and give it to my students to study.
    There will be movies on the flight, so you can bring headphones to plug in (or buy them there on the flight).
    What do you bring when you go out usually? Those would be good things to take along.
    I love the Highlights Hidden picture books.
    Also you can come up with games to play that don’t require much. Travel games.
    Maybe bring along a few wrapped prizes and hold a contest of some sort.
    Hope that helps a little!

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