Goals for July

Like I said earlier, New Month, New Beginnings.  That also brings a new look to The Dads Center, and rebirth of its purpose.  I began this site in 2004, with the intention of using it as a guide for other dads, but also to help share my story of being a dad of then, three girls.  After dating Kari for 10 months beginning in mid-2005, we married in mid-2006, expanding my brood from three to seven.  

Raising a blended family is something one has to work at every day.  There are no days off.  And as time has passed I've come to some careful conclusions, the first being that I must take better care of me physically in order to be a better dad.  Have I made mistakes in my parenting?  Of course.  No one doesn't.  But in April in Santa Barbara, I made a commitment to take better care of my body and to get into shape.  I'm still on that journey and shall be until the day I die.  

Is getting physically fit going to make me a happy person?  Of course not, that one thing alone cannot be the basis for ones happiness in life.  That's foolish to even think. 

But already I've seen a huge difference in the way I approach parenting, just from having lost 30 lbs. 

For starters, I'm still quite tired at the end of the day when I get home from work, but I'm not exhausted.  I have an easier time going up and down the stairs in our home.  I'm getting outside and playing with the kids in the pool more often.  They'd of course like to jump around, throw balls, dive, catch, play with noodles, float on floats, knock each other off of them, argue over who is going to wear goggles and etc, while I'd prefer to swim laps, but that's just the difference in our interests. 

Our daughter Ashleigh is almost swimming on her own now.  We've got her using a swimsuit that has the floatation device built into the suit, but we're also letting her practice without it now and again.  That's so exciting to see her grow in such a fashion.  

So what are my goals for July?  Simple.  Simplification.

This month I want to burn at least 4,000 calories on EA SPORTS Active.  That means I need to do 20 days of workouts where I burn at least 250 calories during a workout session.  I'll go beyond that with my walks with Molly, and then my 30-minute lap swims. 
U.S. Flag, 3' x 5'
Tonight I'm heading to Wal-Mart.  I'm getting a new wooden pole flag for our fencing in the backyard to proudly fly the US Flag from the back of our home, as well at the front.  But I'm also going to get a new pair of Speedo goggles.  And I'm going to get a new wall clock to hang outside so that when my head turns at the end of a lap, I can also glance up to check how long I've been swimming and how long it'sRobert Ludlum's (TM) The Bourne Deception  taking for each lap.  

I'm reading more lately.  I'm into the new Bourne Deception book, and I've tried the Kindle app for my iPhone and am reading Mark Levin's Liberty and Tyranny book.  

(Did you know you can buy it on Amazon for the iPhone Kindle app for $9.99 as opposed to the $25 Barnes and Noble wants for it in their store or even the $13.95 Amazon wants for a hardcopy?!)

I'm listening more to talk radio lately, too.  Listening to the messages that I'm hearing about the state of affairs of our nation and the world has added to my frustration lately.  President Obama really is a Statist and is set to decrease our rights as U.S. citizens and if you think that's poppycock, take a closer look at what he's doing.  

(Statist: political viewpoint "that sovereignty is vested not in the people but in the national state, and that all individuals and associations exist only to enhance the power, the prestige, and the well-being of the state. The fascist concept of statism repudiates individualism and exalts the nation as an organic body headed by the Supreme Leader and nurtured by unity, force, and discipline."[3])

Since he's been president, he's taken over the banking industry, the automobile industry, is going to put a huge dent in our wallets over this Cap and Trade crap, and will ruin the healthcare industry when he takes that over, too.  He passively watched the government of Iran kill dozens of its citizens protesting a skewed election in their nation, and now wants to restore a dictator overthrown in Honduras and supported by Hugo Chavez.  (Hello, he's on the same page as Hugo Chavez.  Isn't that enough to tell one they're on the wrong side of the aisle?!) None of those things are good for America. 

And then there is the matter of the stimulus package that to date, doesn't appear to be working.  If you do a check of the nation's public school districts, many of them are trying to figure out what they're going to do with his stimulus money, (if they even get it because of their governors making a power play for it.) 

It all just makes me sick.  We're going to look back on the first months of 2009 and see where America really excellerated it's turn for the worst.  

But I'm going to keep my focus as best as I may.  My priorities are going to remain building on my awesome marriage to Kari, pumping up my relationships with my seven kids, focusing even more intently on the math and science programs I support for the benefit of children across the country, and then also taking care of me. 

I'm going to exercise at least 20 of the 31 days of July.  I'm going to lose more weight.  I'm going to eat better.  And I'm going to do a better job of encouraging others and informing others about what's happening in our world.    

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