New Motto

I realized sometime during the day today that I live by the following words: I see the world as it can be; not settling for what it is right now.

That's the way it's always been for me.  Some like to get bogged down in the world in which they live.  I'm always looking at how to change it. I don't know where I got that from, either.  Maybe it was from my late Grandpa Andy Sheptak, an artist, who was always encouraging me to look at what I was seeing from different perspectives and angles.  Grandpa gave us microscopes when we were in Northern Michigan, so it would have been between grades 2-6; I think more toward third or fourth.  In those days, you had to get a small lap to set in front of the scope and reflect light off a mirror to be able to see your subject.  Well, Grandpa had cut little colored squares from acetate sheets and the used double stick tape to affix them to the mirror.  The result, if you moved the mirror while looking at a subject, the color lighting on the mirror changed what you could see.  Brilliant.

Grandpa also used to tell me when painting or doing art to turn the subject I was painting/working on on it's sides, even upside down to see what it looked like. 

And so that perspective continues in my world today. 

I'm at a place right now in my life where I'm sorting things out.  I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to make of my life in it's remaining years.  Maybe the events of the past week have spurned such thinking.  Tuesday night a good friend to many of my Dallas police friends was gunned down as he knocked on a door while trying to serve a warrant.  Yesterday, Friday, they burried him.  Die Tuesday night, be burried Friday.  We just don't think often enough of how soon we could be dead and burried.

And we also sometimes get into a place of comfort where we quit trying to make our lives better.

Right now I feel like I've eased into that place of comfort and it's time to get cracking.  I've got a great job and I love it.  With seven kids, obviously, I wish it paid more.  Changing from my former PR jobs to the present one has meant a lowering in take-home money, and of course the needs of kids only get more expensive, they don't lessen. 

I've been blessed to get some great gifts in the past year.  The One-to-One classes I've had at the Apple Store have enriched me, and they were a Christmas present, only costing $99 for an entire year.  Amazing.  Apple lost money on my account, because I went to more classes than normal, and I learned more than most people going in there. 

I now need to take these tools I have in hand and make them do something that will make a bigger difference in the world.  I'm waiting for my mind to figure out what that means.   

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