A few weeks ago I received the PT Walking product from Nintendo to try out.  PT Walking is a fancy pedometer that I clip onto my belt each day and then go about my day.  At the end of a day or the next morning, I simply pull out a Nintendo DS Lite and have it tell me about my day before.  Howard July 09 36

I have enjoyed using this product as it helps me think about my day from the perspective of when I was NOT active.  It will tell me during a read out, hey, from 7:25 a.m until 9:15 a.m. you didn't do any walking.  Which is right because that's usually my most cerebral writing period of the day.  (Like now). 

And then it shows me when I get up and go walk around on the first floor of the building and get in an exercise break. 

As I'm winding down a typical work day, I can briefly peak at the mirror as I ascend the stairs at home and see if the little light on PT Walking is blinking red or green.  For if it's green, that means I've surpassed the 3,000 step target of the day.  And that also means I've done a reasonably good job of being active.

To confess, there have been at least two days this week when at the end of the day, it was still blinking red.  My resolve as I'm climbing into bed on days like those is to get up earlier the next morning and get active. 

The directions on PT Walking say it won't work when you're running and that you have to be in motion for more than 10 seconds for it to read.  But I have used it with EA SPORTS Active while I'm doing those workouts and it gives me credit for doing that program, too.  Which to me is good because I like to know again, how active I've been during the day.  I wish there was some form of a counter for the lap swimming I do, too…Howard July 09 51

PT Walking is reasonably priced at $49.99 and it comes with two readers.  Kari has the other one and she's been using it, too.  As an experiment, we sent it with our son, Jerrod, one Saturday night when he went skating from 6-10.  He came back with an amazing count of 23,000 steps.  I know, 20,000 more than what I have it set for in an entire day. (Point is, it works with skating, too. ) 

The read outs on the DS are fun to watch.  I love the Mii I was able to create.  And then I like the little tidbits of encouragement it gives for each day.  (Yes, I did my best today to stand up straight when I walk!) 

In the past four weeks, there's only been one day that I've forgot to put it on before leaving the house.  And all the day long I felt naked or like I was missing something important physically and psychologically, as my mind is really focused on getting those credits for the exercise.  It's become that important to me to know what I'm doing and if I need to step things up a few notches. 

I recommend this product.  It's been a great aide to my continued efforts to lose weight and be more healthy. 

  1. SuperJenn

    That is a great review of Personal Trainer Walking! I am a big fan, too…I like the added benefits of seeing what my “Life Rhythm” is.
    Thanks for linking up at Wii Mommies!!

  2. Cherry Emery

    This is really a nice product for every person and a great instrument for exercise . Thanks a lot for your blogging .I appreciate it .

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