To me, there's only one truly positive show that airs on TV and of all networks, it's CBS News' Sunday Morning show.  Each week there's 90 minutes of positive, helpful and informative information.  We TIVO it with a season pass.  We like it that much. 

One of the features this morning was on Sting.  The show was a mix of a recent story about him and it featured his new Winter album "If on a winter's night."  

Sting said in the piece that this was a new break for him.  That he wasn't wanting to do the run of the mill Christmas songs with Rudolph and Frosty. 

And he didn't.  The album, he says, goes beyond Christmas and into a genre of winter music from the corner of the world he hails.  The songs are intimate, warming and peaceful.  The melodies are all pleasant and inspiring.  This is an album you put on for a Christmas party, but also the album you put on when you have a nice fire going in the living room and you've got a good book to read.  

This isn't Roxanne or Synchronicity.  And it's not meant to be. 

I've enjoyed this album throughout the day, but mostly like I said, in the quiet simpleness of the night now that the youngest is in bed and I'm seeking the right words to share with you. 

They asked Sting this morning about his childhood Christmases and he said that they never seemed to meet his expectations.  He talked about how Christmas can be a very great time of the year for those who can get into the spirit of the season, but also an incredibly hard time for those who are weighed down by the burdens of life.

 I recommend you purchase this album and add it to your iTunes collection of Christmas tunes.  You're not going to want to put it in with Rudy and Frosty, but in that playlist that you play when you seek to move beyond the commercial side of the holiday season and feel closer to its spiritual and simple nature.  It's worth the purchase. If on a winter's night won't be on the top 10 list of Christmas albums, but there is a place for this in your more eclectic libraries. 

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