I found this this morning through my Posterous account

I know some people who would enjoy a bubble calendar.  How about you?


Aside from children, I think we all know people who'd use this.  Of course, it'd probably all be popped the day it was received rather than one a day for 365 days.  Perhaps the seller, if there was one, would supply extra bubble sheets. 

This is another great post from Clementine. Not exactly sure where in the world she's from, but almost daily she's found some incredibly interesting photo to observe.  

  1. Lisa Marie Mary

    Omigooooodness! I love it! I just opened a box from my mom (she’s in Dallas, where I’m from, and I’m in North AL) and it had the BIG kind of popping paper – wooo! We would’ve had so much fun with it, but, the very first pop scared my itty bitty baby waby 120lb dog! LOL!
    Coolest use for popping paper ever? When my daughter was in 2nd grade, for the Christmas party – the teacher brings in the biggest piece of bubble wrap EVAH. It covers the ENTIRE floor of the classroom (what’s left exposed with all the desks pushed back, that is). The kids HAD to stand back, be good and not move.
    On her word “GO!” they all got to jump all over it like crazy! It was totally awesome!! Heehee!

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