I saw this clip while I was at lunch.  The sound was down so it was hard to keep up with but I thought the lawyer, Bill Sharpe, who was being interviewed was actually Tiger Woods' counsel.  But now I find out it was the attorney for his neighbors, the Adams family. (budda bu bump, budda bu bump, click! click!)

Talk about Koo key!

In fact, I so thought it was Tiger's attorney, I Twittered the following message:

"Tiger Woods' atty to deal w reporters is an absolute fool. Repeated rumors n had his own crutches in the background. STUPID."

After watching this video again, and now knowing it was not Tiger's attorney, if I was Tiger, I'd probably want to take that rumored 9-iron and find the windshield of Mr. Sharpe because on the face of it, he clearly didn't do anything to help the matter. Now maybe sports reporters will use a little license to keep what he said from becoming an issue, but the video clip below doesn't help.    In fact, by violating every basic PR rule in the book he may have made things worse in the minds of the public. Why?  He repeated rumors in what he said: 

In talking about the Adams' he said, "They did not witness any domestic violence."  Now, one wonders if in fact they did.

He said Tiger's injuries "Are not consistent with somebody being beaten up with a nine-iron."  Now we all put the image of Tiger getting hit with a 9-iron in our heads.

Then he said, "Mrs. Woods was with him, had him down on the ground…."  Now we all put the image of Mrs. Woods having him on the ground, with the 9-iron.  

According to the Associated Press, Woods' injuries were "consistent with a car wreck
and inconsistent with him being beat up," attorney Bill Sharpe said.
"The scratches on his face were consistent with someone who maybe was
in a minor car accident and hit his head on the windshield. … None of his injuries looked like he was beat up by his wife."

Jeez, man, just shut up.

And to top it all off, in the shot, one can't miss the set of crutches in the shot.  In a piece of imagery trying convey peace and strength, crutches don't help.  

According to the AP, Sharpe says the Adams family hired him to get out the message that
they've told investigators everything they know about the crash and
aren't hiding anything.

Now I really wonder what they're hiding when they hire an attorney to say, "They aren't hiding anything."

So a little note to Mr. and Mrs. Adams, your attorney Mr. Sharpe doesn't appear to be real sharp when it comes to the right things to say to the press.  If you were my neighbor and trying to help me, I'd not have appreciated what Mr. Sharpe did today. 

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