Let's face it.  It's been a crap year for way too many people. 

I saw recently that 15 million people in America remain unemployed.  Add to it the bank bailout.  The stimulus. The health care fight. The wars. And then the consequences each of us feel because of them.

For me, I've spent the past seven months trying to make lemonade with some awfully bitter lemons. I've lost a lot of faith in institutions of government that I thought were supposed to be honest and beneficial to the people and have seen evidence that there are many in each branch of the government, at every level, who are just as corrupt and wrong-minded as they can be.   

Tonight, as I did 10 years ago tonight, I'm contemplating my next significant life moves and praying for better luck this time.

To those who have tried to wreak havoc in my life, be warned.  Next year, beginning in a few hours, is going to be different.  As George H. W. Bush once said, "That's not a promise, that's just the way it's going to be."

I've come to believe more and more in God.  The worse things have gotten the more I've come to believe there is a God in Heaven and he's been preparing me for something important.  With God's will and my own force, I'm going to propel myself to new heights in 2010.  (Someone today Twittered today we should call it 20X.)

So good night, 2009.  There were many a night when you didn't allow me a good night's rest.  I'm glad you're over with and new hope, new light, and new opportunity change with the new day.  I'm out to prove that Bono was wrong when he wrote that "Nothing changes on New Year's Day."  Good night all, and God Bless you. 

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