Kari and I have been going to Yosemite with our kids annually now since 2006.  One of the books we've joked about getting but never did until this June when we were there again is Gary D. Robson's "Who Pooped In The Park," that was illustrated by Elijah Brady Clark for Yosemite visitors.  Apparently there are other versions for the other parks, too. Pooped

But Ashleigh, our four-year-old daughter, is at that stage in her life where pooping and peeing are funny and curious, whether it's coming from her or in the case of being in Yosemite, the deer, bears, squirrels, and on.

So, as I was in the general store in Fish Camp, I bought the book.  Oh, boy.  As we drove along the winding road into the park from the South Gate to Yosemite Valley, Kari read the book to a highly amused Ashleigh.  The other kids would chime in.  At one point, Kari said she'd never said the word, "Poop!" as much in one day. 

And as she read page 32 about Bat Guano, all I could think about was Peter Sellers in Dr. Strangelove when Col. "Bat" Guano (played by Keenan Wynn)had found him in Gen. Jack Ripper's office and he said sarcastically, "Col. Bat Guano, if that really is your name…"  (okay, sidebar. I digress.)

But this was a fun little book, heck, even Kari's dad was curious enough to want to see the pictures after she'd finished reading it to Ashleigh. 

We tried to do some new things in Yosemite this year.  One of them I focused on was taking more photos of the critters living in the park.  I've got some great pictures, too. 

So moms and dads heading to Yosemite , or one of several other national parks, order you a copy of this book for the kids if they're still young enough to think such is funny.  And for the record, our older boys thought it was funny, too.  So, it seems no age is too old.

Did you know that deek scat is shaped more like jellybeans?  It says so on page 15.  Did you know that you'l seldom find the scat of a mountain lion because they bury it?  Page 47.   What's on the pages in between you'll just have to get the book and find out for yourself!

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