I’ve been a Dallas Cowboys fan since I can remember.  In 1976, I was in a newspaper picture in Northern Michigan for student council wearing a Cowboys sweater. I was 11.

And over the past nine years I’ve lived here in Dallas and annually seen them be hyped like crazy only to be highly disappointed.

This year, 2010, is no different.

I’m no sports writer, but I think the sports writers in the Dallas area have been living too much in the Cowboy’s mind-altering sense of reality, much like an older child sitting up all night waiting for Santa Claus to come down the chimney.

Let’s face it, Dallas.  Our team, owned by Jerry Jones, coached by Wade Phillips and marshaled on the field by Tony Romo is not that good, and in their own ways, each of those men deserve their share of the blame for that.

Quite frankly, Jerry Jones has proven for the past decade time and again that he needs to step back and let someone else do the decision-making for the Cowboys.  Yes, he can build a Field of Dream football field, but as Howie Long on FOX just said a few minutes ago, “Troy, Emmit and Michael aren’t coming out of the cornfield.” And frankly, it’s time to say it as it is.  They’re not going to, either.   During the only game I’ve been to in Texas Stadium back in 2002 or ’03 against the Eagles (They lost that one, too) I said something about how much Jerry Jones needed to get the hell out of the way.  The man in front of me took issue defending Jerry by saying, “If you have the money like he does, buy your own team and run it yourself.  Otherwise, shut up.”

I wonder if that man still is sniffing the foul stench of Jerry’s bullshit.  I still don’t think it smells very good.

Then there’s Wade Phillips.  Street-sense has said he should have been gone a couple years ago.  Last week’s whack call to run a play before the half that cost the Cowboys a touchdown to the Redskins has rekindled that.

And then there’s Tony, the American football press media’s heart-throb.  Like suggesting that Annie in Bull Durham was trying to mess up Meat’s streak, so many bought into the impact Jessica Simpson was having on his football performance.  Well, what do we blame it on now?  Oh yeah, his offensive line isn’t protecting him enough. Bullshit.

Isn’t that what Jerry’s wallet is supposed to have taken care of?  I mean, seriously, if he’s so intent on having a Super Bowl team play in Jerry World that has a star on its helmet, shouldn’t that have been taken care of between now and last January?

Yes, Tony can throw a pretty pass.  Sometimes.  And then there are those many times when it goes to someone on the other team, or goes to the feet of his own teammate, or, or, or.  Enough with the excuses.  Did you see the part in the game where the Bear’s defender sacked Tony and before he hit the ground he was begging the refs for a flag?

Or watch his performance in talking to the press.  He exudes about as much confidence as bad poker player.  He doesn’t even use Meat’s cliches to sound even moderately confident about the 2010 team.

Yes, there are 14 games left to go in the 2010 NFL season.  After watching today’s game, I’m not looking forward to them.  Next weekend is a trip to Houston.  Unlike the BS hype about the Cowboys being such a team with so many weapons of opportunity, the Texans actually are putting theirs to good use and are using their talent to win ball games.

Are the Dallas area sports writers so far up Jerry’s butt that they’re scared to actually write what needs to be said about this football team, or will this ridiculous performance today give some of them a little more guts to be honest with us instead of feeding Dallas fans more Jerry World BS, and telling us what we all know too well now after two games this season: Under Jerry Jones the past decade, under Wade Phillips the past four, and under the “leadership” of Tony Romo, the Boys just ain’t getting it done because they’re just not that good.

The real question becomes who, if anyone, can step up and turn this Titanic around before it’s completely submerged.  But of course, it’s just easier to keep telling everyone what a powerhouse football team we have in Dallas.  And we have a billion dollar stadium in Arlington to prove it.   Or does it?

  1. whome

    “I don’t know. Nah. I don’t even want to speak on it. I don’t want to speak on what I see,” Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh said after the 0-2 start. “Like I said, we have a good team. We should be winning. There’s no excuse for this. We need to be focused as a team and organization on winning football games. Put it on that. Write that.”
    The “organization” sells practice tickets for $27.50. The GM has retained himself for the longest duration of underachievement in sports history.

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