I just finished a whirlwind trip off to New York City for an event with a sponsor.  It was a great trip and any time I can go to New York, well, I’m there.

But the good things that happened on this trip are just as important as the things that DIDN’T happen on this trip that have taken place during previous trips to New York.

  • For instance, this trip, probably most importantly, I didn’t have anyone throw an iPhone at me and hit me in the back of my leg because they were mad at me because it was midnight, New York time, and I didn’t want to go walking around Times Square because we’d been up and traveling since 5 a.m. Texas time and I was tired and just wanted to go to bed before we had to be ready to walk over to the TODAY SHOW at 4:30 a.m. EST/3:30 a.m. CST + jet lag the next morning. (I could add a photo here, but what good does that do?)
  • I was the only one who could go on the trip.  No one gave me grief about that before I left.  No one gave me grief about it during the trip.   I’m sure some way I’ll hear grief about it later on.
  • Just as importantly, no one called me four or five times during the sponsor’s meeting to tell me how unfair it was that they didn’t get to go on the trip.
  • No one sent an email to the kind sponsors who provided me with the trip to tell them how horrible they were for not letting them come on the trip, too, because the sponsor wanted to bring in others who had been, shall we say, more participatory.  Not to mention someone who wasn’t camera shy, that didn’t mind well, much of anything.
  • There isn’t anyone around now who would cause more grief about a TV station or newspaper wanting to come talk to me/us at the house about what we had been doing on behalf of the sponsor that had provided us a nice trip, say, to California, like Santa Barbara’s Four Seasons.
  • There wasn’t anyone with me to leave at the hotel while I did my business, who was too whatever to hail a taxi and instead walked up and down Manhattan in the hot sun, later to complain about how much walking they’d done and how hot it was and how tired they were.

No, even for a Thursday, the day when things for the past few years have seemed to melt down more than on any other day of the week, it was enjoyable. Unlike say, working in Oklahoma, I didn’t have to come home in the middle of the night on a Thursday.  There wasn’t any impending doom of any sort predicted last night that didn’t get taken care of itself.  (At least none that now matters to me.  I can almost bet  however….)

And those big/little things missing, made the whole trip more enjoyable.  When I got back here to the apartment, I called my daughters.  Two of them were at home.  One was with her mother.  And instead of not being able to spend time with my girls, I went and got the two of them and we went and sat down for dinner and talked small talk?  You know, the kind that’s positive, encouraging and valuable between a dad and his daughters?  No one felt like they couldn’t say something in fear of whatever comments.   Oh, and there wasn’t any grief that came from going to do that, either.

Now, if I want, and I kinda feel like it, I can go lay down in bed and go to sleep for the night if I want and not have to be told about how horrible it is that I’m tired from jet lag and this has happened and that has happened and they’re a martyr because I went and did all those things.

Now if I could just get past the part of realizing I didn’t miss all those things because those things aren’t normal….

Driving home from DFW it occurred to me that my anniversary was Wednesday.  Would have been the fourth.  Hadn’t even realized it until I got another email essentially reminding me that I’m out of harm’s way and there is a much better version of normal–And I’m living in it now.

  1. Clark Kent's Lunchbox

    Excellent post, Donny. You really nailed a lot of pertinent points encompassed within the modern man topic. I could relate to them all, and it made pretty excited for the summit. Great discussion; I think you inspired three posts worth of writing out of me. (thanks for the mention too)

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